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The three figures were fit. They were the fake Celestial Master Zuo's most trustable maidservants. They did not wait for counterfeit Celestial Master Zuo to retort, and immediately joined in the combat, all charging towards him!

The clone was speechless.

A sign of fury was discernible in his eyes. He never thought that the people by his side would go against him. It was obvious that some organization had put him in a trap, planning to take his life!

He was a skilled person though, and in just a glimpse of an eye, he had a grasp of the key idea regarding what was happening. He took in a deep breath of air and knew that he needed to get hold of the four maidservants to put them through a stern interrogation. He needed to figure out the mastermind behind all that had happened!

After a moment of combat, he found himself losing his ground! The powers he held that he had always been proud of had diminished. He could only exert 60 percent of his power to save his life.

On the other hand, it dawned upon him that the four maidservants had only been abasing themselves all the time. Now that they summoned all their powers and charged together towards him with all their force, he could not even afford a respite.

In the midst of the chaotic combat, he cried, "Who sent you guys here?!"

The three other maidservants kept silent while Meng Tianer said with a smirk, "You will know it once you are dead!"

The four maidservants who always looked cute and beautiful were thought to be harmless, and little did he know that they would be merciless in combat. 'Celestial Master Zuo' was forced to back down bit by bit. His life was in danger of coming to an end at any time.

He began to feel afraid. He had tried to escape a couple of times but was stopped by the four maidservants who had prepared in advance. They were extremely familiar with the setup of the house. As they came in, they had broken the rescue b.u.t.ton in the room. Besides that, the house was built to insulate sound. When the door was closed, a loud noise in the room would be barely audible to those on the outside.

Furthermore, the house was built far away from the other houses, and no one would even pa.s.s by in the middle of the night. 'Celestial Master Zuo' was helpless. As he failed to escape from the encircling combat, he was almost in a state of despair!

Mu Feng and his three brothers had been patiently listening. Mu Feng used his spiritual power to eavesdrop, and could very clearly receive any sound made by every single movement in the room.

A moment later, Mu Yun, who was sent by Mu Feng, came back. He made a gesture towards Mu Feng, suggesting that it had all been settled.

Mu Feng's lips curved upwards. Only then did he give a knock on the door, and asked in a puzzled tone, "My Lord? My Lord? Are you okay?"

'Celestial Master Zuo' was elated. In the midst of chaos, he charged towards the door and unlocked it. "Come in! Help!"

Hence, Mu Feng and Mu Dian charged inside.

With his protection guaranteed by their presence, the cloned Celestial Master Zuo finally got to heave a sigh of relief. He was filled with rage when he ordered, "Catch them alive!"

Mu Feng and Mu Dian gave a word of a.s.sent and charged towards the four maidservants.

'Celestial Master Zuo' was still naked and looked more disheveled than ever. With the help of Mu Feng and Mu Dian, he finally got the time to put on some clothes. Before he even got the chance to put them on, there was a gush of air that entered the room and a woman in white clothes emerged. "Why… you!"

'Celestial Master Zuo' held his clothes against him. Stunned, he did not even get to cover the most crucial part.

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