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The soldier of death he placed beside 'Celestial Master Zuo' had turned into his confidants. He only had to orchestrate these people to fulfill his plan. Since the fake Celestial Master Zuo was brought up by him, he was confident of his Achilles' heel. It would not be hard to kill him.

After he finished devising his plans, he laid himself on the bed again. He could sense vibrations from Di Fuyi's place but naturally was not able to hear anything. Di Fuyi had most likely set up a wizardry barrier while he spent some alone time with Gu Xijiu.

Were they in the midst of crafting trickeries?

Long Fan adjusted his hands and fingers into a tight grip while having ominous darkness looming in his eyes. His blood was rushing in his chest. He closed his eyes slightly and stifled the adrenaline.

'Just let him enjoy for a moment. He would face times of sadness, and times when he would be crushed under my foot!'

Xijiu was Long Fan's making. She was the most outstanding lady of the world and should be one for his keeping.

Sometime later, Gu Xijiu remained in Di Fuyi's embrace. She could not open her eyes, yet did not fail to say, "You are so diligent. Will I get pregnant?"

While she was weary-eyed, she could feel Di Fuyi's kiss on her lips. She could only vaguely hear his reply before she dozed off right away as she was too tired.

Di Fuyi looked down at her while she was sleeping. She appeared tranquil in his embrace while having one of her arms around his waist. It was as if she would not be daunted by any obstacles as long as he was by her side.

Di Fuyi gently tucked the strands of her messy hair on her forehead to the back of her ear. He closed his eyes slightly to rest for a bit while his fingers were fidgeting as if planning for something.

About half an hour later, he got up and used his directed audio to get in contact with Mu Feng, and immediately gave his instructions, "The clone is in danger. The four of you have to protect him."

Mu Feng, who was still half asleep, was alerted immediately as he received Di Fuyi's directed audio. Being the follower he had been for years, he acquiesced right away. "Yes!"

"Be careful, and do not let the clone suspect anything."


"My Lord, should I bring the one planning to kill the clone back alive for an interrogation?"

"You do not have to. Just kill him on the spot."


Mu Feng was puzzled as had he not received the instruction from Di Fuyi, he would have suspected that it was Di Fuyi who wanted to kill the clone!

The fake Celestial Master Zuo was very proficient. There had been attempts by many to kill him, but no one could beat him. Instead, those that tried to kill him were either captured and detained or killed. It was better to be killed; being captured would instead entail a series of deadly tortures by the clone. When he was able to figure out the mastermind, he would instruct the entire family of the plotter to be killed. That was how the Baili family was ostracized and murdered.

The clone was merciless. 'Celestial Master Zuo' would even hang the bodies of his victims in public to intimidate a large group of people. There had been fewer attempts at killing him recently, and even if there were any, it would only be done when the clone was away from his house compound

Who was it this time? How did Di Fuyi know of it?

Mu Feng was confused but still managed to call his three other brothers over to reside by the fake Celestial Master Zuo's bedroom. A moment later, clashes of a chaotic brawl emerged from within the bedroom.

Mu Feng and his three brothers looked at each other and sighed, "Our Lord is such a visionary!"

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