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Mu Feng swallowed the pill without saying anything and then began to meditating according to what Gu Xijiu taught him. Gu Xijiu carefully observed him so that she would not miss the slightest change in his physical appearance.

Fortunately, Mu Feng's face turned slightly pinkish, and then it turned reddish. His body's responses were the same as what Xuanyuan Luoyu had described. Hence, the medicine had proven to be effective.

Di Fuyi held her hand and comforted her. "Take it easy. It's fine even if it does not work."

A moment later, Mu Feng stood up from the ground. Usually, he was able to see the venomous spell that was in his body using inner vision. Hence, he tried checking his body with inner vision again after he consumed the medicine. To his surprise, the venomous spell had disappeared!

Mu Feng was delighted. However, he tried his best to suppress his excitement and immediately sent a directed audio to Di Fuyi. "My Lord, the spell in my body has completely disappeared!"

Di Fuyi smiled and sent the original message to Gu Xijiu. Her eyes sparkled, and she immediately said, "What are we waiting for? Let's bring the medicine to the other three messengers!"

Of course, Mu Feng was eager to cure his buddies with the pills. Only G.o.d knows how horrible it was for them to be conscious the whole time but have no control over their bodies!

He remembered how severely he had suffered even though he was tortured for only half a day during that time. However, his three buddies have had endured it for two whole years! They were considered to possess a high level of mental strength as they have yet to go insane after all this while!

Mu Feng told them that he was capable of sending the pills to his brothers alone. However, Gu Xijiu was still worried. After all, Mu Feng's power was different from the other three messengers. It would be easier for her to help if something were to happen to them after they consumed the pills. Therefore, she decided to follow Mu Feng.

They first went to find Mu Lei. At first, he had already gone to bed. However, woke up when Mu Feng came. Finally, Gu Xijiu saw the actual appearance of the messengers who had been mentally abused. Mu Lei had lost some weight. Perhaps, the enchanted worm was not active at night. Hence, Mu Lei still looked slightly slow-witted.

"Mu Feng, why are you visiting me at this late an hour? What's up?"

Mu Feng looked at him as he pondered. The victims of the venomous spell would uncontrollably scream once it was revealed that they were going against the spellcaster. Furthermore, the cream would also alert the spellcaster of what had happened.

Therefore, Mu Feng did not mention his true intentions of visiting Mu Lei. Instead, he only chit chatted with him about what to keep an eye on when he followed Fairy Queen Li out the next day. He also brewed some tea while they were chit chatting.

Mu Lei nodded. "Sure, I'll take note on what you have said and keep her safe." He said it respectfully, but he had a sad gaze.

Mu Feng handed a cup of tea to him. "Here, let's toast for tomorrow by using tea as a replacement for wine. Cheers!"

Mu Lei did not suspect anything and took a sip of the tea. He slightly frowned as he sipped the tea. "The tea tastes weird…"

Mu Feng quickly replied, "I think you've stored it for slightly too long. Luckily it's still edible. Just finish it."

Mu Lei nodded and finished the tea.

Mu Feng continued talking to him and asked him whether he had any other missions to carry out tomorrow.

Mu Lei answered, "Celestial Master Zuo said he is going to interrogate Li Mengxia tomorrow. He even said that he must teach her a lesson and wants me to get a few big men to rape her…"

Gu Xijiu, who was currently invisible, clenched her fists as she did not expect the fake brat to be such a b.a.s.t.a.r.d! After Mu Lei and Mu Feng had chatted for a little while, Mu Lei began to feel unwell, and he bent down. He looked as though he was suffering.

"What's wrong?" Mu Feng asked.

"I feel like I am down with a stomach ache." Mu Lei frowned as he answered.

"The tea is probably cold now. Perhaps, you should meditate. Here, let me teach you a new method. It's very effective to ease stomach aches." Mu Feng made some gestures as he taught him a new meditation technique. Of course, it was the was the same technique that Gu Xijiu had taught him earlier.

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