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Chapter 1391: Bygones Will Be Bygones
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Although the guard was puzzled, he was not very much concerned.

Di Fuyi rested his arm on Gu Xijiu's shoulder and heaved a sigh; "Xijiu, I realized that we are slowly becoming more and more alike. Why didn't we meet, say, a few hundred years earlier?"

Carefully, she tackled this question comprehensively, leaving no omission.

As the matter was too complicated, they should keep a low profile, not disclosing their ident.i.ty. If Master Yang suddenly went missing in his own house, his disappearance would cause a stir. The fake Celestial Master Zuo might be alarmed by it.

She impersonated Master Yang to make sure that the people were well aware that he was away. They would not suspect anything if he went out of touch for a few days. Even without his guidance, everything that she did would allow things to carry on.

They had been married for eight years now. By just a simple glance, they were able to understand each other and work closely in perfect harmony. If they had met a few hundred years earlier, they would have been married for a few centuries by now.

Gu Xijiu giggled. "Celestial Master Zuo, people have been talking about this seven-year itch... about how romantic admiration will be turned into family affection after seven years. All the disagreements in life will surely cause the lovers to dispel each other. If we were married a few hundred years earlier, we could be an ill-matched couple by now."

Di Fuyi broke into a smile, too. "Have you got no confidence in yourself?"

Gu Xijiu pursed her lips into a thin line. "Bygones will be bygones. I only care about the present and our future. We have a long, long journey that lies ahead of us. My spiritual power is at level 10 now, so I can be by your side for many, many years to come."

They went on a romantic stroll under the serenity of the setting sun. As they slowly drifted away, the sunset cast their shadows behind them.

Tianxing Valley was a dangerous place with a hostile environment.

Swamps vastly covered Tianxing Valley, allowing poisonous beings to rampage throughout the place. Without achieving level seven in one's spiritual power, no one would risk his or her life to come into this place.

It was where Li Mengxia, along with her three elder custodians and her loyal followers, made their hideaway.

Harsh winds wreaked havoc across the place all year round. There were not just harsh winds, but tornados to be exact. Even with the slightest bit of inattention, all who were within the valley would be swept away and scattered into piece easily. There was never an easy day for those who lived there, but they had been there for more than two months.

There was neither food nor drinks. They could not even build a house, as it would be ripped apart by the raging tornados. When they were exhausted and needed to rest, they would lean onto the rocks and sleep. They even had to take turns to keep watch at night, so when the beasts or tornados approached, they had time to either run or fight.

As for their food, they had to risk being exposed and buy food from outside the valley. Li Mengxia had clearly infuriated 'Celestial Master Zuo', as he had sent out strict orders to arrest and kill all of them.

People would easily comply with Celestial Master Zuo's orders, even more so than The Emperor's. Some people had joined the hunt to arrest them all, including some highly skilled members from the secret service agency, also known as Anying Hall.

As most of them had shared the same experience with the hunters, they knew each other's strategies, making their hideaway even more difficult to mask. Fortunately, some colleagues, who did not have the heart to arrest them, turned a blind eye to them. Secretly, some had even provided them with information to keep them safe. Otherwise, they would have been caught long ago.

Life in the valley was a weary one. For the two months that they were there, all of them looked so dirty, as though they were covered in dust. Speaking of which, even the flowers looked better and more pleasing than they did.


Li Mengxia sat on a rock.

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