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Chapter 1379: I Almost Wanted To Die Because I Was Scared By You
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Everyone joined and came over without hesitation. They did not say anything but just desperately attacked the wizardry barrier with all their strength.

The wizardry barrier started to shake and the ripples were getting bigger. Gradually, a colorful door appeared in the air, followed by a shadow behind the door. To everyone's surprise, a man jumped out from the door!

"Stop!" The man shouted. Although his voice sounded weak, it was still loud and clear.

The crowd stopped. They were stunned.

The mussel was excitingly shaking and cheered. "Celestial Master Zuo!"

Gu Xijiu could not believe her own eyes. She was stunned and stood still for a few seconds before running over to him. "Di Fuyi!"

The man who came out from the door was Di Fuyi, looking a bit pale. Before he could even stand stably, he already opened his arms, ready to hug Gu Xijiu, who was already running to him.

The lady inside his arm was trembling with both her hands wrapped tightly around his waist as though she had lost and found something precious. Her voice was full of anger. "You lied to me! You lied to me again!"

She was unable to finish her sentence. Her voice sounded as if duck eggs were blocking her throat. "I almost wanted to die because you scared me."

Di Fuyi looked at her pale little face. Her eyes were red. She had been very cool and calm all the time, and it was the first time he saw her being so emotional. His actions taunted her. If he had come out slightly later, she probably would have collapsed.

She had fallen very deeply in this relationship, far more than he imagined! He felt the pain in his heart. He gently patted her back. "I am fine now. I just came out slightly later. At that moment, I had to lure them elsewhere before reopening the channel…"

Gu Xijiu hugged him again and slowly calmed down. She realized that she might have overreacted. She wanted to put down her hands, but her hands were too stiff to move. The pain hit her as she realized a burning sensation in her palms and legs. She was going to blackout. She could not afford to lose him! She absolutely could not bear the pain of losing him.

Di Fuyi saw the wound on her palms. Fortunately, he was an expert and immediately knew what happened as soon as he saw her palms. His face changed slightly as he pulled her little hands over. "You don't want your life anymore? I have told you before that you should not touch the door…"

The mussel beside them interrupted. "Should not touch? She was desperately clinging onto the door, trying to stop it from disappearing..."

Di Fuyi's felt a pain in his heart. He looked at her sweaty face. "You! Stupid!" He helped her heal her wound. These kind of wounds are different from usual wounds. Gu Xijiu has practiced to a level where she had special features in her body. If she had a common injury, she could heal it without leaving a scar.

However, this injury was different. This kind of injury looked like how an average person's wound would look like if the person got cut by a knife, it would keep bleeding and the wound would look very scary. Di Fuyi did not know if the fear or pain was causing the trembling in her arms.

"You should not do that again in the future." Di Fuyi said as he applied some special cream on her hands.

The cream had a cooling effect, and it eased the pain a lot. Nonetheless, she still looked tensed and was tightly sipping her lips looking at Di Fuyi.

The wounds on her hands were not the same as typical cuts, but instead, it was like being struck by an iron bar filled with thorns. She felt like she was being stung by a scorpion. Although Di Fuyi had been gently applying the cream to her wound, she still kept sweating on her forehead.

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