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Chapter 1348: The Proposal In A Tub
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

He should change his wet clothes, or else he would get sick.

"Do you have other dry clothes with you now? Take it out and change. You cannot go to bed in wet clothes." Gu Xijiu knew that Di Fuyi had a storage bag with a capacity so vast that it could store anything he wanted. He must have his dry, clean clothes somewhere in the bag.

Tilted, Du Fuyi watched her with his eyes as though he was peering into the depths of her soul.

Gu Xijiu was a little shy under his intense gaze. "Take it out."

"Why didn't you come looking for me? Were you going to let me go if I never came looking for you?" Di Fuyi laughed at his absurdity and said gently, "You always give me up so easily."

Gu Xijiu stifled. Tears started rolling down her eyes, as she could feel his fragile heart despite his strong appearance.

"I did not give up. I went looking for you. I thought you left the place or went somewhere else to practice. I was looking everywhere for you in the village."

"Liar." Di Fuyi was still pinching his lips. "I was here. You could have found me here easily."

Facepalmed, Gu Xijiu responded, "I thought you would be disgusted with this place."

She grabbed his clothes and said, "Let's take off your clothes, shall we?"

Di Fuyi sat down on the chair instead. "I am sad. You can always let me go so easily." He then reached out to the cup of cold tea.

Gu Xijiu quickly took the cup away and stopped him from drinking the tea. "You cannot drink this."

Di Fuyi did not like people taking away his belongings, so he instinctively avoided her. Both of them quickly engaged in a s.n.a.t.c.h for the cup of tea. As a result, the tea spilled, covering their bodies that were now leaning against one another.

Gu Xijiu was speechless. Now both of them had to get changed.

Di Fuyi looked down at the tea stain on his chest and furrowed his brows. "Dirty."

Gu Xijiu heaved a sigh of relief. "Yes, it is dirty. Let's change it, hmm?"

Di Fuyi did not make any trouble this time. Out of nowhere, he took out a set of fresh clothes and put them on immediately.

Gu Xijiu quickly stopped him which made Di Fuyi a little confused. "What is the matter again?"

Gu Xijiu was speechless, as she did not know what to do with his misbehavior. She sat him down on the chair and said, "You should take off your wet clothes before changing."

He was very drunk.

Their conversation did not go smoothly, so she decided to stop persuading. She reached out and offered to take off his clothes. He did not misbehave this time. He only looked at her fixedly with his intense gaze and let her do whatever that she wanted. Obediently, he raised his limbs when she wanted him to.

His clothes were easy to take off. She removed both his outer and inner clothes. However, she hesitated when she came to his pants.

His pants were wet as well, so she had to take the pants off. She was uncertain about his underwear, as she did not know if he was wearing one at the moment. However, she recalled that he had a habit of wearing underwear.

She reached out to take off his pants. However, she hesitated, as she looked up and met his intense gaze. Her heart started beating uncontrollably as she explained, "I only want to change your clothes."

Before she could finish her words, he pulled her into his arms abruptly. Gu Xijiu was considered weak compared to Di Fuyi, so she fell into his embrace. She screamed a little and wrapped her arms around his waist.

He was not wearing any clothes on his upper body. Gu Xijiu could feel how toned his body was as she wrapped herself around him.

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