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Chapter 1342: It Was Because She Cared
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The misunderstanding happened because she had accidentally heard the conversation between the mermaid siblings and Di Fuyi. In addition to the various ways that she had tested Di Fuyi and the fact that Di Fuyi never gave her a proper explanation, Gu Xijiu believed that what she had suspected was true. It was only then that she decided to run away from him. Unintentionally, she had created so many problems for Di Fuyi with her absence to the point where he had almost died searching for her.

Di Fuyi looked at her with a complicated feeling. He coldly said, "Xijiu, I think you don't like me. Otherwise, you wouldn't run away from me without asking for my explanation first."

Gu Xijiu suddenly looked up in dismay. "I…"

He stood up and continued, "The only reason I came to this place is that I don't want to be misunderstood by you. Therefore, I risked my life to come and see you so that I can give you a clear explanation. As for the wedding, it seems like you don't care about it. I think we can still proceed to cancel it. That's all I want to say. Take care." He then turned and left the house.

Gu Xijiu mouth was left ajar. She did not even have a chance to stop him from going! Subconsciously, she ran out of the house. The weather was breezy and dark outside. However, she could not see Di Fuyi anymore. Had he left? His spiritual power had recovered so it should be easy for him to leave this place now.

Gu Xijiu was nervous. Since he had explained that she was the only one in his heart, the matter related to the former Empress of the Mermaids was just a big misunderstanding. She did not want to let him go anymore.

She loved and cherished him very much. It was because she loved him that she was saddened when she heard the rumor. Hence, she decided to run away from him.

Though everything was clear now, he was gone. It was easy for him to leave after he had finished his explanation. However, had he considered her feelings?

If he had left this place, but she was still stuck here, how would she be able to find him again? Her heart ached more and more as she continued thinking about it.

It's just like the past eight days when he had disappeared. Regardless of how hard Gu Xijiu tried, she had failed to locate him.

She did not want to give up. Just as she was about to take a walk around the village, she b.u.mped into Luo Zhanyu. Luo Zhanyu seemed to be emotional, and he almost walked into Gu Xijiu.

"Xijiu, why are you still awake at this hour?"

Gu Xijiu did not want to say too much. "I am going to sleep. Oh ya, brother, have you seen Celestial Master Zuo around?"

Luo Zhanyu shook his head. "No, this man has always been an elusive person, and he is different from us…" He looked at the house not far away and continued, "He should be resting in his house now."

Gu Xijiu looked at the house and noticed that it was as big as her own. However, there was only one bed in the house as the place had been built in a hurry. She recalled that the villagers had eagerly invited him to take a look as soon as they had finished building the house. However, he only replied with one sentence after he took a look from outside. "This house is too simple. The toilet in my palace is 100 times more luxurious than this house."

His sentence annoyed everyone, and so no one cared about him anymore. After the incident, someone had quietly approached Gu Xijiu and complained about what had happened. Gu Xijiu understood that what Di Fuyi said was true. However, given the circ.u.mstances, having a place to stay was already considered a blessing. How could he expect someone to build a palace for him?

The villagers had built the house using their bare hands. They did not construct the house using spiritual power like how the four messengers had built Di Fuyi's palace.

Gu Xijiu understood that Di Fuyi was a perfectionist. He wanted things to either be done correctly or not done at all. It was expected that he would not value such a house. Indeed, he was quite finicky.

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