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Chapter 1310: You Must Look At Him First!
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It subconsciously peeked inside its sh.e.l.l and found that Di Fuyi, who had been meditating, had just stood up. He was looking at the direction where Gu Xijiu had just disappeared. His face was paler than usual.

The mussel coughed and said, "She... she was rushing to save someone. Therefore, she probably did not notice you. Shall I bring you back to the village?" Di Fuyi did not speak. His body shook slightly as he silently looked into the distance.

People started gathering around them and saw that Di Fuyi was in the mussel's sh.e.l.l. They were puzzled and asked, "Who is he?"

Based on his prior experience in the village, the mussel was smart enough and replied vaguely, "He is a newcomer..."

Before the crowd could ask more about him, it added, "He is also my master fiancé."

Everyone was shocked! However, Di Fuyi was very calm, and he said, "Go back to the village!"

"Alright!" The mussel replied. It suddenly turned around, and Di Fuyi was tossed to one side of its sh.e.l.l. He spurted blood all over the mussel. The mussel was shocked and looked at him immediately. It saw that Di Fuyi's face was as pale as snow and his eyes were closed.

Though the mussel did not have any medical knowledge, it was still able to sense the strength of a person. Di Fuyi was very weak, which was a sign that he was dying. The mussel panicked and instantly tried finding his heartbeat.

Was he genuine or pretending? Could Celestial Master Zuo ever be so weak?!

Was it possible? He had always been dominant and invincible. How could he have become so weak? The mussel tried nudging Celestial Master Zuo two or three times in a row. However, he remained motionless, and his face turned pale. Though there was a lot of blood spilling from his lips, he did not wipe it with his hands.

The mussel had never seen such Celestial Master Zuo this wretched in his life. It was extremely anxious and panicked, and so it refused to obey its master's instructions to smash the dragon's ribs. Instead, it immediately closed its sh.e.l.l and rushed back to the village.

'Celestial Master Zuo was in a critical condition! You must look at him first!

He was not pretending to be ill. The bananmilk tree was a very strict tree. If Celestial Master Zuo were not in a critical condition, there would be no way for him to enter this land. Though he had planned things out carefully, such as preparing life-saving medicine in his storage bag, there was no time for him to take it immediately after he had woken up. He was indeed in great danger this time. In fact, he had used up all his existing strength. Not to mention a master, even an average person would be able to knock him down at this moment!

The reason why the G.o.ds had immortal bodies was because only their soul was strong. A G.o.d's soul would not perish. However, once he was seriously injured, his body would die.

Even though Celestial Master Zuo could create a new body and regenerate once his current body dies, his soul would need at least another two decades to re-condense. It would take him more than a century to restore his body to perfect condition.

He had died before, and he had only reunited with his current body about 2,000 years ago! In the past, he did not care if his body died. However, this time was different…

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