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Chapter 1306: Was This A Coincidence?
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Celestial Master Zuo who was meditating moved his fingertips slightly. The mussel feared that Celestial Master Zuo would punish it. He quickly said, "Over these past few days, I have been trying to find a way to correct this mistake. I have been trying very hard to get out of this place, but I didn't know that this place prevented anyone who entered from exiting… As a result, I have failed to escape from this place regardless of how many times I have tried..."

Di Fuyi finally opened his eyes and looked at the mussel. He said, "Was she drunk? Tell me everything from the beginning!"

It did not dare hide any truth, and so it honestly told Di Fuyi as much as it knew. It started by telling Di Fuyi about how Gu Xijiu had taken them to the Dark Forest. Now, Di Fuyi finally understood how Gu Xijiu and the three of them had mistakenly entered this place.

However, was it a coincidence? The Dark Forest could not be seen during the day. Sometimes it rained, but most of the time there was no thunderstorm. There would usually be a thunderstorm once or twice in a year. However, the mussel had coincidentally encountered it!

If the thunderstorm could scare the mussel, it must have been hazardous. Di Fuyi was afraid that it was no ordinary thunder, but rather a unique and powerful one! It was the kind that could be attached to the mussel's sh.e.l.l and be carried by it underground.

Coincidentally, it was the time when the core was relatively the weakest. It allowed the thunder, which was carried by the mussel, to hit the core from underground nearby the bananmilk tree. The thunder must have broken the core's enchantment, and so the mussel was able to enter the core.

Due to the unique thunder, the mussel burrowed underground and got lost. Couple that with the moment when the core was at its weakest condition... All these key factors happened at the same time. Di Fuyi thought that this was not a coincidence but rather fate.

The mussel observed Di Fuyi as he stood in silence as though he was deep in thought. He did not know what his master had in mind, and so he asked, "Celestial Master Zuo, am I right to say that you had purposely come all the way here to meet Gu Xijiu? It's a bitter experience to get this sort of injuries! Does Gu Xijiu know about it? She will surely feel bad if she sees you this way."

The mussel continued talking endlessly. Finally, Di Fuyi closed his eyes and said, "Talk less and keep moving!"

It stopped talking and concentrated on bringing Di Fuyi to meet Gu Xijiu.

The mussel had a perfect sense of smell. Along with the guidance of Lu Wu next to him, they soon discovered the route that Gu Xijiu had taken. They followed the sense of her aura. Gu Xijiu's aura grew stronger as they moved forward. The mussel heaved a sigh of relief and said to Celestial Master Zuo, "Celestial Master Zuo, we'll be approaching her soon. She should be less than 20 miles from here."

"Roar…" Suddenly, the roar of a strange animal came from afar.

The mussel looked up and got a shock!

A long shadow of a rainbow appeared in the sky. The beast had shiny scales, and it looked like a bright rainbow after a downpour.

Subconsciously, the mussel stopped moving and began trembling!

It was the Hongying Dragon! It is a level eight beast! How was it possible that this small mountain would have such a high ranking beast? Was it not the case that highest ranking beast in this mountain should only be level seven?!

The Hongying Dragon was roaring, and it felt like the earth was shaking. The mussel heard a long whistle and saw a green shadow fluttering around the Hongying dragon.

Though they were far away, they were able to feel the strong wind that was caused by the dragon's wings. Even the mussel had to hold its breath!

It was Gu Xijiu! The green shadow was its owner!

Though she was fluttering around the Hongying Dragon, she did not seem to have been defeated.

Of course, there were other people around her.

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