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Chapter 1299: Sadly He Was A Man, How Great It Would Be If He Were A Woman!
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The mussel refused to move. "Gu Xijiu knows how to teleport. She will escape by teleporting away if she can't handle the situation. Hundreds of beasts are no big deal to her. Alright, I'm going back to sleep. Stop interrupting me. Otherwise, I'll whack you!"

The mussel then closed it sh.e.l.ls while Luo Zhanyu stood in silence.

After all, Luo Zhanyu did not want to make the mussel mad even though it was just a level seven beast. It was more capable than a level eight beast. Its Dream Invasion Power could be used to easily discover someone's secrets. All it needed to do was to trap the person inside its illusion.

Therefore, Luo Zhanyu decided to look for Lu Wu. He glimpsed at the bed and realized that there was a lump underneath the quilt on Gu Xijiu's bed.

Luo Zhanyu flipped open the quilt and realized that Lu Wu's tails were curling around itself as it snoozed tipsily.

Lu Wu was usually very alert. However, it seemed to have drunk a lot as it did not react when the quilt was pulled away.

Luo Zhanyu decided to comb its fur as it seemed to be somewhat obedient most of the time. "Lu Wu, Lu Wu…"

One of the curled tails slightly moved, exposing a pair of fierce eyes!


It growled as though it had been threatened and then returned to sleep.

Luo Zhanyu was shocked by its violent response. He always thought that Lu Wu was an adorable majestic creature who possessed a spiritual power of level eight. It looked so lovely whenever it cuddled on Gu Xijiu's wrist but it might scratch him if he disturbed it again!

Luo Zhanyu had no choice and decided to look for Gu Xijiu alone as he knew that he could not rely on the both of them. Gu Xijiu had never gone to collect herbs in the forest alone ever since she came here. He was anxious that something would go wrong.

Someone hurriedly reported to him as soon as he walked out of the house that a newcomer had been found underneath the tree.

Luo Zhanyu paused. Though he was still thinking about his sister, Luo Zhanyu was obliged to check on the newcomer first as he was probably severely injured and required immediate treatment.

Of course, Gu Xijiu was an exception.

He briefly inquired about the injuries of the newcomer. It was no surprise when he was told that the newcomer had fainted and immediate treatment was necessary as he was covered in multiple wounds.

Since Luo Zhanyu was the leader of the village, he had a responsibility to save the newcomer. Therefore, he sighed and quickly headed to the tree.

A man was lying underneath the tree. His white robe had been stained with a lot of blood, and the remaining white part of his robe looked like a form of decoration. He had a pair of lovely brows and long black hair. Luo Zhanyu was shocked when he saw the man. He had never seen such a charming man before.

At the moment, the man had fainted. His eyelashes were very long, but it did not move at all. Everyone who was in the village rushed over and surrounded the man as they began to gossip.

"Wow! He's such a handsome man!"

"True, never before have I seen a man with such a pleasant appearance…"

"Recently, it's been kind of strange. There have been no newcomers for almost a decade. However, we have now gotten two within just a few days, and both of them look lovely!"

"I feel that his beauty is comparable to Miss Gu's! However, I am unsure as to whether he is as capable as her."

"I don't think so. This man's spiritual power is relatively low. It was roughly only around level six but Miss Gu's is level eight!"

"Sadly he's a man. How great would it be if he was a woman!"


As usual, everyone was talking and judging the newcomer from head to toe.

Everyone was used to it since all of them were severely injured when they first arrived. None of the villagers were surprised to see the newcomer hurt.

Though their injuries seemed to be life-threatening, they would not die anyway. Most of them would slowly regain consciousness and wake up after one or two days.

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