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Chapter 1283: She Responded Slowly
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Her body was stiff as she seemingly heard Di Fuyi's voice. She quickly raised her head and saw that a very buff man was standing in front of her. He was as buff as a fitness coach in a gym center. He looked handsome, smiled like a lunatic, and had a fruit in his hand. "Xijiu, here you go!"

Recently, Gu Xijiu had been receiving many different gifts as the bachelors in the village tried their best to show their interest. They were like peac.o.c.ks.

Earlier on, the men were always wearing dirty clothes as they harvested and hunted every day. They called it being manly when in fact they looked like the leaders of beggars.

However, they have gotten fussier about their clothes ever since Gu Xijiu had shown up. They began shaving their facial hair, and some even washed their face several times a day. They started dressing up more smartly and tried showing off in front of Gu Xijiu. Not only had they tried impressing her with their appearance and kung fu, but they also gave her flowers, jewelry, clothes, fresh fruits, and their handmade furniture.

They never hid their interest and sincerity, and even though the gifts were not valuable, they were made from their effort and love. The man who was giving her the fruit now was the leader of the hunting crew. He had a beautiful name, Baili Ce. He was a generous person, and his voice sounded slightly identical to Di Fuyi's, especially when he spoke gently.

Gu Xijiu's heart skipped a beat every time she heard his voice. She wanted to feed him some medicine so that his voice would change. Fortunately, she had only thought about it and never actually executed what was on her mind.

The fruits that he gave her were usually good. It tasted sour and sweet, and it was tough to find. Gu Xijiu had tried a fruit with a similar taste before, and she liked this one as well.

She was feeling sad and bitter at the moment so she thanked him and took the fruit as she thought that it could ease the sad feeling. Baili Ce's eyes were sparkling as Gu Xijiu accepted his fruit! Gu Xijiu was afraid of trouble and she never merely received gifts from others.

Baile Ce wanted to sit beside Gu Xijiu very much. However, two people were sitting beside her. One was Luo Zhanyu who was sitting on her left, and the other one was Madam Leng who was sitting on her right. There was no room for him to squeeze in, and so he could only find a nearer spot and tried talking to her. However, Gu Xijiu was probably drunk as she was apparently not conscious and responded very slowly.

The fruit was red just like the red banner and ribbons in a typical wedding hall. Gu Xijiu pondered as she looked at the fruit, and she almost began crying.

She was usually not an emotional person. It is just as she said, she had no fate with emotions. She thought that she could cut ties with him whenever she wanted! She thought that she could stop loving him.

However, even though she has indeed broken ties this time, she seemed to have cut her nerves as well. It felt like the pain had attacked her bones, and the pain gradually grew stronger as time pa.s.sed. Her lacrimal glands were somehow very active at the moment as even the slightest thing made her felt like crying.

She took a deep breath and held back her tears as she told herself that the pain she felt would go away sooner or later. She took a bite out of the fruit, and though it was supposed to be sweet, it tasted extremely bitter to her.

There were more than ten fruits on the branch, and it looked as if a few red lanterns were covering it. Gu Xijiu decided to share it with the people around so that everyone could taste it. She gave Baile Ce two of it, and he looked at the fruits in his hand for a while as he was unsure whether he should be smiling or crying.

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