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Chapter 1267: He Had Been Very Nice To Her…
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Strong people usually got more respect. Hence, Gu Xijiu had successfully converted them, and everyone in the harvest team respected her. When they tried getting down from the tree, it looked like the men were ushering a celebrity. Besides that, they spoke very politely and gently as though she was their leader. They also told the others about Gu Xijiu's performance on the tree as soon as they got back to the village.

Before this incident, Gu Xijiu was already the center of attention in the village because of her excellent appearance, but now she had become more attractive than ever.

Huang Tangxiang was even more upset now. The next day, a rumor spread about Gu Xijiu flirting with one of the leaders in the harvesting team. To make things worse, the leader was already married. His wife was a nice person, but she was someone who easily got jealous. She was mad when she heard the rumor and argued with her husband for one whole night. The fake news sounded even more realistic now due to their argument.

There were always rumors being spread around, and the litigants were always the last ones who knew about it. Gu Xijiu only heard about the story during the next afternoon. In fact, she did not sleep well last night. She would feel better if she was busy. At least, she did not need to think so much. However, once she had the time to rest, she automatically recalled memories about the past that she had tried very hard to suppress. All of her memories flashed across her mind, and she realized that she missed him.

She thought about the memories she had with him and wondered what he was doing. She wondered whether he was looking for her and what she should do if she were ever found? She thought about many different things, but everything was related to him. It was as though she was pouring lousy wine down her throat.

When you loved someone wholeheartedly and discovered that the man was a jerk, it was not easy letting it pa.s.s. Besides that, Di Fuyi was not a complete jerk, and he had been very kind to her. Therefore, she still suffered even though she had told herself that she would let it go. She just wanted to keep herself conscious so that she could pretend that she was okay.

The difference between the village and the Dark Forest was the fact that they could differentiate day from night. During the daytime, the sky was slightly brighter just like a gloomy day in the outside world. Meanwhile, it was dark during the night to the extent that they could not even see their hands. However, the villagers lit up a unique light which was wind resistant. The light allowed the village to be visible at night. Besides that, they had set up a team to guard the town at night, so they did not have to worry about being attacked by animals or other people.

People tended to be more emotional and weak at night. Hence, Gu Xijiu got insomnia as she recalled a lot about her past. The feeling and thoughts she had about him were like a ball of thread, all coiled up together in her heart.

Earlier on, she thought that she was able to be decisive in handling relationship matters, but now Gu Xijiu realized that it was not as easy as she thought. She had not loved someone so much before, and so she felt that she would be able to let go quickly.

Perhaps, they were meant to be worlds apart and were fated not to see each other anymore, which was the only reason why the clumsy mussel had brought her to this place.

She had already scouted around the village. Though the village was huge and was covered with hills and trees, she could see the borders of the village. Regardless of which direction she tried breaking out, she was repelled by an invisible wizardry barrier.

She was an expert at breaking these types of barriers and had tried many different ways to escape it. However, the stronger the force that she applied, the further she was repelled. She realized that she could not break it this way after several attempts.

She pondered and recalled that the mussel had broken into this place by entering from underground.

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