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Chapter 1265: Never Gave Up
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

If he was Gu Tiannuo, he must have been severely affected by the fact that his had mother jumped off a cliff in front of him. Coupled with the shocking and horrifying adventures in the Dark Forest, he probably almost died while trying to escape from the ferocious beasts. Therefore, it was reasonable for him to get amnesia as he must have struggled to survive.

The human brain possesses a self-defense system in the region of the subconscious. It was possible for the central nervous system to activate the protective mechanism and selectively delete a specific part or even all of one's memories when one was severely affected by an extremely horrifying event.

Some might lose all of their memories; some only lose part of their memories; some only continued to have their childhood memories. Various outcomes could occur. Perhaps, Luo Zhanyu was affected by one of those conditions.

Gu Xijiu had an extreme dislike toward amnesia now since she had been tricked by Long Fan before. Since Gu Xijiu was a physician, she conducted some research regarding amnesia. She had been researching about it since ever since she escaped from Long Fan's underground palace because she did not want to get amnesia ever again. She did not want to experience the feeling of someone injecting drugs or whatsoever solution into her body ever again.

She was brilliant and had discovered something useful during her research. With that knowledge, she realized that she could heal Luo Zhanyu's amnesia, but it would require the cooperation of the patient along with many different methods of guidance.

Though Luo Zhanyu looked very gentle and polite, he was a rather cold person, and it was not easy getting close to him. He especially did not like interacting with females as he did not like talking about or even exploring the idea of a relationship. Many single ladies had approached him. Unfortunately, he rejected all of them. They eventually gave up after failing so many times and decided to run into someone else's arms.

Huang Tangxiang was the only girl who was still after him, and she had yet to give up. Huang Tangxiang was considered the prettiest among the eight ladies living in the village, and she was every men's favorite. However, she was a hot-tempered person. Though she could never get Luo Zhanyu to like her, she was very good at 'fishing' as many men always surrounded her.

However, she had lost her halo ever since Gu Xijiu arrived as Gu Xijiu was not only prettier than her, but was also more capable than her as well. The men who were once chasing after Huang Tangxiang were beginning to divert their attention away from her and she was troubled by it.

She was even more upset that Gu Xijiu had a great interest in Luo Zhanyu. Not only was Gu Xijiu collecting every information she could find about him but she was also frequently visiting him! Strangely enough, even though Luo Zhanyu did not like interacting with women but he liked Gu Xijiu and was always polite when he talked to her.

It made Huang Tangxiang's blood boil beyond comprehension, and she began creating trouble for Gu Xijiu. Everyone here needed to do their part so that the community could survive. The villagers either harvested, tailored, hunted, or cooked. Usually, the females would stay in the village to cook or tailor clothes, while the men were responsible for harvesting and hunting.

It was very dangerous to harvest in the forest as the tree trunks were too tall and straight. The trees skin was as smooth as a mirror, and the leaves and the fruits grew high up to the tip, which was usually 100 meters above the ground. It was not easy to harvest resources.

Besides that, there were a group of dominant baboons which possessed a spiritual power of level five living on top of the tree. The baboons fed on the fruits in the trees. Therefore, the baboons attacked the humans whenever they went up to harvest as they felt like the humans were taking away their food.

Though their spiritual power was relatively low, they were good at fighting in groups and always attacked large groups. Moreover, whoever that went up the tree to harvest would usually end up running around between the branches and bushes if they were not alert enough.

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