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Chapter 1254: Choked By The Smoke
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Xijiu took out a smoked piece of wood and placed it in front of big mussel to prove her point. She moved swiftly and caught her pet by surprise. The smoke choked it, and the mussel started tearing as it was unable to counter Gu Xijiu's action. The big mussel quickly stepped back and almost fell into the fire. It promptly used its sh.e.l.l to fan the smoke away. "It's too smoky!"

"Do you believe me now?" Gu Xijiu asked without looking at it.

Naturally, the big mussel believed her and did not dare to challenge her further. However, it still wondered. "You have grilled many times before, but this is the first time you got choked by the smoke."

Gu Xijiu did not answer it. She tried convincing herself that she had cried because of the smoke. She told herself that the reason she felt pain now was that she was hurt. However, she would recover and would not feel hurt anymore after some time. She still firmly believed that time would heal her.

Wind Caller and Lu Wu had returned too. Both of them had hunted a lot of wild animals, and they had brought sufficient food to fill all of their stomachs.

The big mussel was worried about its master. Even though its master seemed to be acting quite orderly, it seemed that deep down she was a mess. For example, earlier when she was peeling off a tiger's skin, she stuck it onto the stick to grill instead of the meat which ended up in flames and her hands nearly caught fire.

Fortunately, the big mussel quickly responded and promptly emitted water to extinguish the fire. However, Gu Xijiu's hand was slightly burnt.

"Master, are you alright?" The big mussel took up her hand and blew the wound gently. Lu Wu also came over and looked at the wound with its pair of round eyes. It tried licking the wound with its tongue.

After a while, it looked at her and realized that she did not feel uncomfortable, so it continued licking her hand. Gu Xijiu felt better after the two beasts had helped her to aid her wound.

She took a short breath and felt slightly warm. She suppressed the sadness in her heart and jokingly said, "I heard that grilled tiger skin is nice to eat but never thought that it was fake news."

The Firmament Stone flashed for a few seconds as though it was trying to tease her for telling a lie. Gu Xijiu deliberately distorted its meaning. "Look, even the Firmament Stone agrees with me." The Firmament Stone angrily flashed several more times as a sign of expressing its dissatisfaction with being misunderstood.

Gu Xijiu pretended that she did not see it as the Firmament Stone was unable to scold her by making noise in her head since she could not communicate with it.

Frankly speaking, she missed the noisy Firmament Stone. Though it was very talkative, it was also her strategist and was somewhat knowledgeable. It was also her first friend when she arrived in this world.

Unfortunately, she would not be able to communicate with the Firmament Stone anymore. She felt that her tears were going to start rolling down very soon due to her sad thoughts. She took out a jar of liquor and tore away the seal. "It is not fun enough without liquor. Let's drink together!"

Lu Wu cried joyfully and immediately ran in front of her. The big mussel also opened its sh.e.l.l and waited for the drink.

Gu Xijiu placed four bowls on the ground and filled them to the brim. "Do not worry as everyone will have one. Lu Wu, you are still a kid, so you are only allowed to drink one bowl."

The big mussel quickly exclaimed. "Master, I can eat a lot and drink a lot! Please give me more!"

Gu Xijiu was well prepared this time around and had brought many jars of good wine along with her. She took out three jars of liquors and said, "Okay! You can drink freely tonight!"

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