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Chapter 1252: Decided To Let Go
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There were only a few words in the letter. "Celestial Master Zuo, I will give you my original body voluntarily. I don't want you to feel guilty and offer me any compensation. Let's cancel the wedding. From now on we will not be in a relationship with each other, and you are free to marry anyone."

He held the letter tightly. She had heard the conversation between him and Lan Yaoguang last night, and had decided to let go of the relationship!


The dark forest was gloomy as always.

However, to Gu Xijiu, the forest below the seventh peak was still considered safe. Even though the beasts were fierce, they would all run away whenever they saw Lu Wu. This served as a double-edged sword as they were also unable to hunt any wild animal as food.

The big mussel, Wind Caller and Lu Wu were like free birds since they entered the dark forest as they could run anywhere they liked. Gu Xijiu sat on Wind Caller to cross the steep road. She was waiting for the three beasts to finish playing before heading to the seventh peak.

The herb she needed was on the seventh peak. The dark forest had a self-contained system. There was no sunlight all year long, and it was disconnected from the outside world.

According to what other people said, this was a dying place that had been abandoned by G.o.d. Anyone who entered the dark forest could only rely on themselves to escape from the forest.

Gu Xijiu looked up at the sky and only saw darkness. She rubbed her eyebrows and felt a little perplexed. The last time she was here, her spiritual power was still low. However, when she looked down at the forest from Di Fuyi's ride in the sky, she could see different colors at different peaks, while the most mysterious eighth peak was lit in seven different colors.

Occasionally, she could still see the sky when she was in the forest. It was the first time since she entered the woods that all she saw was a grey sky. There was not a single sight of colorful light.

She estimated the time and guessed that it was already afternoon the next day after she had left, so Di Fuyi should have already read her letter.

When she was writing the letter, she had wanted to wish him to be happy with his lover, but when she started writing, Gu Xijiu felt that she was unable to get herself to do so. After she had finished writing the letter, she felt that everything she had just written sounded ironic to her. She did not feel comfortable as she did not want to wish him to be happy with her.

Therefore, she wasted quite a few sheets of paper writing the letter and destroyed all the used paper with fire. She could not get herself to give him her blessing. The most she could do was to give up the body willingly.

She did not want to see him anymore. To be more precise, she did not want to know about any news related to him and the former King of Mermaids.

She understood that he was kind to her so she could give up the body willingly. She also hoped that he would have a happy life. Though she liked him a lot, she did not want to be in a dilemma in the future. She did not want to be a complaining wife who always had to compete with another woman. She would hate herself if she turned out that way.

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