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Chapter 1225: She Ran Away
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

They were worried that she would get away, so they quickly surrounded her.

"The king of the mermaids has treated you well enough, but you have injured our princess!"

"Are all humans so ungrateful?"

"Why did you hurt our princess? Did you not know that no one should harm our princess?"

Their accusations went on and on.

Gu Xijiu responded icily, "Don't worry; I will not run away!" She cast a hard look at the concubine, "Aren't you going to explain the situation to your people?"

The wife was tongue-tied. "What… What should I explain?"

Gu Xijiu smiled at her and answered nonchalantly, "You do not have to, but the doubts will clear up when the facts are known. You can rest a.s.sured that I will not go anywhere! I will be back in two hours to make sure justice is served." She turned swiftly and disappeared into thin air.

The crowd was astounded.

They would never have thought that Gu Xijiu was capable of doing that, so they all stood there with a clueless look on their faces, unsure of what had just happened.

The wife was anxious. Hastily, she told her men, "She will not make it far, search for her!"

The crowd dispersed in an uproar and went out to search for her.

The wife took a moment to think about it. She then joined the search for her.

According to the mermaids, Gu Xijiu must have used her teleportation skill to disappear and escape from the scene. They underestimated her spiritual power and thought that she would not be able to hide for more than 15 minutes.

Moreover, there were hidden mechanisms located almost everywhere in the kingdom. It was like a maze! If one had not been living in the palace for years and was unfamiliar with routes, there was absolutely no way to escape.

The wife had some authority in the palace, as she was able to temporarily transfer the workforce in the palace to join the search. However, there was no sign of Gu Xijiu at all, even though they had searched through all corners of the palace.

Unknowingly, an hour flew by. The wife did not manage to find anything. All the men had returned from the search, but none of them had any news of her.

The wife was alarmed. They were now in the deep sea. If Gu Xijiu happened to escape from the town of the mermaids and went beyond the limits into the water, it would surely crush her under the tremendous pressure.

The concubine was running out of ideas and was afraid to make any decisions on her own, so she marched to the ice room to request for the king of the mermaids.

Just when she made it to the door, she almost b.u.mped herself into Di Fuyi who happened to be leaving hastily at the same time. She stood her ground when he asked, "Why are you running? How is Xijiu?"

The wife did not know how to answer. She stammered, "Miss Gu, she… She left hurriedly to avoid punishment."

Di Fuyi's expression changed. "She left?"

"Yes… Yes, not long after you. She… She ran away."

"She did not abscond!" Di Fuyi's voice turned icy. "After I left, did you take vengeance on her?"

"No…No…" Di Fuyi's presence had imposed such overwhelming pressure on her, making her stammer.

"What happened?" Lan Yaoguang asked his wife when he was walking out of the room.

The wife whispered as she threw herself into his arms, "Your majesty!"

Lan Yaoguang held her up instead. "What were you saying? Has Miss Gu left?"

The wife told them what happened after they had left and explained to them about Gu Xijiu's disappearance.

She did not mention anything about how they threatened Gu Xijiu and what Gu Xijiu had said in response. She only told them that she promised she would be back in two hours.

Lan Yaoguang could feel the veins on his forehead bulging. He gave Di Fuyi an apologetic look. "Brother Huang, I am sorry, this is the first time for you to bring your fiancée along and yet… I will now send out more people to widen the search. She will be found. There is no reason for her to run away…"

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