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Lan Waihu's eyes were opened widely and she looked at Yan Chen as though he was a bandit, "Why would I borrow money from you to buy something for you? Are you trying to rob me?"

Yan Chen looked angry but he ignored her. He turned to the seller and asked, "How much is this jade?"

The seller reported an amount. It was indeed a nice jade as the price was double the two things that Lan Waihu had just bought.

Yan Chen did not have a second thought. He took out the money and handed it to Lan Waihu, "Come on, buy it for me."

Lan Waihu was confused, "I told you I don't want to borrow money from you…"

Yan Chen was stunned. He reached out his hand to the seller, "Please return the money she just paid to you and exchange it with my money." He then put the same amount of money on the counter.

The seller seemed to understand something. He immediately nodded, "Okay, okay!" He then took the money Yan Chen paid and returned Lan Waihu's money back to her.

Lan Waihu was still confused. She was stunned looking at her money and she looked at Yan Chen, "What does this mean?"

Yan Chen had no expression. He said lightly, "I will pay for the presents that you bought for them and you don't have to return anything me, so you can now use your money to buy the jade for me."

Lan Waihu was totally confused, "What is the difference?" She thought that at the end, the money were all paid to the seller.

Yan Chen looked at her and did not speak anymore. He was very cool and looked very serious. Lan Waihu was afraid of him so she tolerated, "Alright, I will do as you wish."

Once the jade was bought, Lan Waihu handed the jade to Yan Chen, "Are you satisfied now?"

Yan Chen looked at her for a long while, before turning away, "You can keep it first and give it to me later."

Lan Waihu did not understand his intentions. However, she knew that he was unhappy so she did not dare to ask any further. She kept the jade carefully and was worried that she would wrong him again, so she asked, "So when should I give it to you? I am stupid and I don't know how to pick the best timing to return it to you."

"You…" Yan Chen stared at her for a moment. Lan Waihu was scared when he stared at her. She thought that he was going to scold her again, so by instinct, she stepped a few steps backward.

Yan Chen suddenly turned away and left her alone.

Lan Waihu did not know the reason why he was angry so she quickly chased after him…

Brother Yan Chen, what is wrong with you?"


"Brother Yan Chen, where do we go next?"

"Back to Tianju Hall!"

"I don't want to. You mentioned that you will bring me to watch the lantern show at the riverside."

"I don't want to go anymore!"

"Why?" Lan Waihu stopped and stood there. She was going to cry. She hardly came out from Tianju Hall and she had not played enough yet…

After a long while, only then did Yan Chen realize that Lan Waihu was not following him. When he turned back, he saw her crying in the middle of the crowd.

Lan Waihu was as beautiful as a doll. When she cried she looked very pitiful so there were people who started to notice her. There were also some men attracted to her and tried to comfort her.

Yan Chen frowned and went back to her, "Why are you crying?"

"I want to watch the lantern show at the riverside!"

"Okay, I will bring you there." Yan Chen finally tolerated.

"But you're mad at me…" She continued to blame.

"I am not mad anymore, so please don't cry anymore." Yan Chen started to surrender.

"You scolded me just now!"

Yan Chen sighed, "I am sorry. I won't do that anymore."

Lan Waihu finally stopped crying and smiled. She took the opportunity to bargain with him, "I still want to walk around the West City. I heard that there is a haunted house…"

"Why do you want to go to the haunted house during this festival?" Yan Chen was unhappy.

"I want to go!" The tears in Lan Waihu's eyes began to roll down again.

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