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Chapter 1214: Failed To Possess The Body
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Since this place was deep inside the ice land, no one would visit it. Nonetheless, there was an ice cave in one of the ice hills. The ice cave was rather small- it was about 40 to 50 square feet. Eight icicles were supporting the cave. There were some complex patterns engraved on the icicles, and it looked like some spell. The intricate designs were twinkling in the dark blue ice cave.

In the center of the ice cave, there was a thick and tall icicle, and a human body hid inside. The person was standing in a strange posture. He had been sealed inside the icicle for many years.

Suddenly the eight icicles lighted up. It was as if the spell caused the writings on the wall to start spinning very quickly. In fact, there was no engraving on the icicles. Instead, there were some tiny little worms with blue lights moving on the icicles. These worms had a tiny head with wings on their bodies. When they moved their arms, they would cast a blue light. Meanwhile, when they stopped, the blue light would disappear.

Usually, these worms would usually hibernate without moving their wings. However, at this moment they were being stimulated by something and kept flapping their wings at high frequency. Since the spell was cast, the worms started flying into the air and formed a group. They flew towards the icicle at the center of the ice cave and kept barging into it

The icicle started to erode and melt. When all the little worms had finished hitting the icicle, the face of the human inside the icicle was revealed. He looked handsome and elegant, and was very much alive even though he was frozen inside the icicle for so long.

After a moment, his chest began to move up and down, and then his eyelashes flickered. Finally, he opened his eyesHe shook his body slightly inside the icicle and then opened his mouth to breathe. However, he never expected that even though he could open his mouth, there was no air flowing out from his lungs and he panicked. He tried opening his mouth more extensively, but still, there was no air flow in or out from his lung.

His healthy face started to turn pale. He looked like he was drowning in water and was desperate to breathe again. It seemed like his soul was too weak, so he had failed to possess the body.

After a long while, the person in the icicle tried resurrecting himself again but failed as there was no breath in the body.

If there were someone at the scene, he or she would notice a green shadow trying to hit the frozen body. Most of the time, the green shadow was expelled. Sometimes, it would successfully enter the body but would exit from the body after a moment.

After multiple attempts, the green shadow finally succeeded. When he opened his eyes again, he could hardly exhale. His body was unstable, and it fell from the icicle.

He was not able to control the body yet. He lied on the cold ground and tried extending his fingers. However, he was unable to control his hands and feet.

"d.a.m.n it!" He vaguely cursed. The place was so cold to the extent that the air he exhaled almost condensed into fine ice pellets.

If he could use his spiritual power, it was not an issue to be in such a cold place. However, he could barely stand up now. He was not sure how long could he stand the coldness of the area.

He gasped and felt despair.

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