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Chapter 1168: Stubborn Little Girl!
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Xijiu used to be a cold-blooded, ruthless killer who was always dubious of everyone. However, she was like a blank canvas ever since she had lost her memory. Though she was still a very straightforward person, she was more innocent and careless than before. Therefore, there were things that Di Fuyi could not tell her. Otherwise, Mo Zhao would find out about it very quickly.

In the end, Gu Xijiu only grilled one fish for him. There was no stewed or fried fish. Di Fuyi was speechless. He did not even realize that he had offended her. He only realized it when she had suddenly become cold towards him.

Di Fuyi did not feel like eating the fish anymore. He was more eager to help Gu Xijiu regain her memory. Hence, after he had finished eating the grilled fish, he urged her to get up as he wanted to continue their exploration.

However, Gu Xijiu was not interested anymore. "I don't want to recall my memories anymore. I think it's better if I remained like this. Please leave and do not enter my dream anymore!" Di Fuyi was kicked out from the dream as soon as she had finished her sentence.

There was candlelight shining from the table. Di Fuyi stood in front of Gu Xijiu's bed and looked at her sleeping face. He did not believe that he had been kicked out!

He clenched his fists. He knew that if he had worked harder today, he would have been able to help Gu Xijiu regain her memory and this would allow her to return to her original state.

He did not want to give up. He began creating a spell with his fingers and tried entering into Gu Xijiu's dream again. However, he was repelled backward as soon as he went closer to her body.

It was evident that her subconscious mind was refusing to allow him to re-enter her dream. Her subconscious mind was mighty. Hence, if she refused to let anyone enter, even someone like Di Fuyi could not.

The stubborn little girl!

Di Fuyi felt like punching her to teach her a lesson. His bent his fingers slightly and was about to do something to her when he suddenly noticed something and quickly disappeared from the room.

Inside the dream, Gu Xijiu was standing at the original spot that looked like a kaleidoscopic. She closed her eyes slightly as soon as Di Fuyi had disappeared.

She was the owner of her dream; no one else could manipulate it! She took a deep breath and ran towards one direction. It was the most prominent and eye-catching scene she had ever witnessed so much so that it inexplicably attracted her attention.

Suddenly, a wall appeared in front of her just as she was about to get a view of what was inside the scene. Just like the last time, the wall had no end to it. Even if she had a pair of wings, she would not be able to fly over the barrier.

She remembered that she had woken up the last time just as she was about to get rid of this wall. She was not going to let that happen this time! She badly wanted to cross this wall regardless of what would happen! If she could not pa.s.s this place, she would rather not wake up in reality! She did not want to return to the same place anymore!

She started hitting the mysterious wall. The wall felt extremely hard as if it was made of iron and steel. Even though Gu Xijiu had tried several methods, she still could not cross the wall. She felt exhausted to the extent that she was about to vomit. However, the wall was still very stable and did not seem like it was going to fall anytime soon.

What she did not notice was the fact even though she felt tired, the strength of her attacks was getting stronger. Suddenly, a white light appeared, and it surrounded her body. Colorful dotted lights were shining inside the white light. She could not tell how long she had tried to cross the wall. All she knew was that her body was gradually getting warmer and a colorful light was launched from her body! It shot into the sky!

Meanwhile, the impenetrable wall in front of her had finally collapsed. She was not ready, and so she fell inside the wall. Multiple scenes drowned her like a wave!

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