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Chapter 1161: Could Only Depend On Him
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In fact, it was not a bad thing to Mo Zhao if Gu Xijiu still had feelings toward Di Fuyi as it would be easier for Gu Xijiu to accept it when he replaced Di Fuyi and possessed his body. Besides that, he could also use Di Fuyi's body to have s.e.x with her.

Mo Zhao has already targeted Di Fuyi's body. However, it was not easy for him to possess it. He needed to torture Di Fuyi's body and soul until its weakest stage before he could do so.

Unfortunately, Di Fuyi had a celestial body. Mo Zhao would have to take at least two years or above if he wanted to control the body completely. Thus, it was easy to explain why he did not feel too disturbed even though his current clone body had so many problems.

He was cautious with his intention of taking over Di Fuyi. He kept it to himself, and even Long Fan did not know about it. He gazed at his own body with a sarcastic smile. Perhaps, Long Fan created a disorder on the clone body on purpose, as he wanted Mo Zhao to rely on him.


During the evening, the doctors who were sent out by Mo Zhao to collect herbs finally returned. They completed their mission as they managed to find the three herbs.

Doubt clouded Mo Zhao's heart as he no longer completely trusted Long Fan. Certainly, he would not ask Long Fan to handle such important medicine now. Fortunately, the other doctor was also a good alchemist, and he often supported Long Fan in the underground palace.

However, the relationship between Long Fan and the doctor was not harmonious. Perhaps, it was due to the compet.i.tion between them as medical pract.i.tioners.

Alas, Mo Zhao was willing to trust the doctor. Hence, the doctor just could not miss the opportunity. Thus, he tried his best to please Mo Zhao and also offered to make the medicine for him.

Mo Zhao was more than happy to hear his offer. He tapped on the doctor's shoulder to express his trust. His gesture almost made the doctor tear, and he immediately heated up the alchemy furnace in his house even though he was exhausted after a rough day.

Mo Zhao watched him and remained silent. The doctor had relatively good alchemy knowledge as he managed to produce two grade-three pills on his first try.

For medicines like this, grade-three pills were sufficient to cure Mo Zhao's disorder.

The doctor respectfully presented the two pills to his leader. Mo Zhao took one of the pills and stuffed it on the doctor's lips, "Li Shuang, nah, this is your reward."

The doctor was stunned as he knew The Great Lord was concerned about the safety, hence, made him eat the pill. Therefore, he swallowed the pill without any hesitation after he thanked Mo Zhao. An hour later, the medicine began to be effective as a 'small tent' appeared at the doctor's pubic region.

Mo Zhao was finally relieved as he glimpsed at the doctor's 'tent'. His face flushed. He quickly returned to his room and consumed the other pill. As a result, he indeed felt warmth in his pubic region about two hours later, and it was getting slightly harder.

The medicine was effective!

Although it was not a noticeable change, it was effective!

Furthermore, that was just a grade-three pill, he might be able to recover completely from this disorder if the doctor could make grade-five or grade-six pill! If that were the case, he would be able to enjoy having s.e.x during his wedding night!

He immediately called the doctor again so that he could continue making the pills for him.

Indeed, the doctor agreed. However, his alchemy furnace was not the best one, and it could only make up to grade-five pills. In fact, he might not even get any grade-five pill even if he tries producing the medicine over a hundred times!

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