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Chapter 1141: Nothing To Do With You
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Long Fan then proceeded to attempt to take her away.

Gu Xijiu leaped backward abruptly. "Do not come closer; you smell of decaying corpses!"

Long Fan was stunned!

He sighed a little before replying, "Alright, I will not get any closer. However, Xijiu, you have to leave this place immediately, or else your dearest Zhao will be upset and will punish you."

Gu Xijiu raised her head proudly. "He will not, as he is very fond of me. He will not even say a harsh word to me."

Long Fan intended to threaten her. "That is because you have not tested his limit yet. Once you challenge his limit of tolerance, he will be very fierce! He will throw you into lava."

Gu Xijiu's face went pale. She took a step back in hesitation. "He…. will not." Lacking confidence, she stomped her foot. "I do not want to talk to you anymore! I am going to see my dear Zhao!" She then turned and left.

"Long Fan, is this what you wish to achieve?" Di Fuyi suddenly spoke to him and managed to stop him from leaving. "Anyway, you are the one who has created her. You should be considered as her father. No father would turn his clever and sharp daughter into a child with reduced intelligence."

Long Fan's stopped walking. After a moment, he responded indifferently. "It is my business. This has nothing to do with you!" He then turned and walked out of the place.

Di Fuyi closed his eyes once more. A few moments later, he seemed to have sensed something. He opened his eyes and turned his attention to the corner. "Are you so into peeping? Why should you be so furtive in your own palace?"

A man emerged from the corner. He was wearing a long black robe and had silver hair. He was indeed a man of unparalleled beauty. He was Mo Zhao, the Great Lord.

He smiled. "You are indeed Celestial Master Zuo. Your sensitivity does not seem to reduce even with the chains. You manage to feel my presence even when I am invisible. I almost have the feeling that you are more than just Celestial Master Zuo…"

When he said it, his eyes became as sharp as a knife, in the hopes of finding any traces in Di Fuyi's change of expression.

Di Fuyi seemed to be interested in his speculation. "What other ident.i.ty do you think I have?"

Mo Zhao's face broke into a smile. "I think you are The Lord!"

Di Fuyi laughed. "Thank you very much for thinking so highly of me."

Mo Zhao failed to notice anything from his expression. Suddenly, he took a few steps towards Di Fuyi. He grabbed the chains and dangled them.

It was undoubtedly a savage form of torture. Sweat broke out all over Di Fuyi's face. His pale face became even paler, but the smile on his face did not seem to fade away. "Mo Zhao, you seem to be frustrated by your own discontentment. Is that why you are here? To look for trouble?"

Mo Zhao went stiff, as though he was caught red-handed. He sneered. "What is there to be discontented about? Xijiu is right by my side. I can do anything as I please. As for you… What can you do? Despite being so fond of her, you are still here, chained up like a dog that can barely move. You can only watch as she…" He suddenly lowered his voice with a dull tone. "She is exceptionally enthusiastic, especially in that particular aspect…"

He was thoroughly annoyed by Di Fuyi's att.i.tude. Di Fuyi had been acting as though he had nothing to worry about. Therefore, Mo Zhao would not let go of any opportunity to make him suffer. He wanted to shatter his confidence and make him frustrated. However, he was disappointed yet again. His words did not seem to impose any effect on Di Fuyi. Di Fuyi took a look at him for a moment and smirked, not giving a definite answer. "Is it? In my humble opinion, you seem… to have some unspeakable disease."

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