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Chapter 1134: Unspeakable Disease
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Di Fuyi regained his consciousness, he saw that a couple was standing in front of him, looking as beautiful as jade.

The man was wearing a long pale green robe with flow line patterns. His facial features were delicately modeled with affectionate eyes, and he looked like someone with a very posh accent. There was a folding fan in his hand, swaying back and forth in an elegant motion. The man was Mo Zhao.

The woman next to him looked very refined and graceful. She looked like the most dazzling flower on earth. Her temperament was a little chilly. She was wearing a dress with the same color and patterns as Mo Zhao's robe and held a bamboo flute in her hand. From her expression, she seemed calm and composed. The woman was Gu Xijiu. She wrapped her arm around his, as though a little bird resting upon him. She stared at Di Fuyi, and he could see the curiosity in her bright eyes.

Di Fuyi's eyes fell on her arm that was wrapped around Mo Zhao's. As far as he was concerned, although Mo Zhao's soul was powerful enough to be cemented into a solid form and to perform great moves, his body was, after all, a virtual const.i.tution. Once he had physical interaction with another person, he or she would either go through his body directly without being able to touch him, or be frozen and seized up by the power of his soul. However, both of them were standing in front of him, arm in arm. Gu Xijiu did not seem to be bothered at all.

Mo Zhao now had a real body. He was no longer a virtual figure! Di Fuyi's eyes were sharp enough to tell the difference. It was, nonetheless, not his biggest concern. He cast a glance briefly at Mo Zhao, then turned his attention to Gu Xijiu. Her behavior was rather atypical.

Di Fuyi's eyes darkened. "Mo Zhao, what have you done to her?"

Smilingly, Mo Zhao responded. "Nothing, she is now my fiancée, I could not express my admiration for her even more. Why should I do anything to her, at all?" Gently, he patted on her hand as a hint. "Xijiu, my shoulders are a little uncomfortable."

Anxious, Gu Xijiu seemed to be immediately triggered. She sat him down on a rock bench and stood eagerly behind him to ma.s.sage his shoulders. Her clenched fists repeatedly rose and fell with strength neither too strong nor too weak. Mo Zhao closed his eyes comfortably. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

Di Fuyi focused his eyes on Gu Xijiu's fists and her every motion. Unimpressed, he pursed his lips tightly.

Mo Zhao opened his eyes and threw an interesting look at Di Fuyi. He saw that his face grew even paler and was immediately delighted. Once again, he turned around to give instructions to Gu Xijiu. "Xijiu, I am a little thirsty."

In a snap, Gu Xijiu turned and ran away. "I will make tea for you."

Di Fuyi was speechless.

He looked at Mo Zhao with cold eyes. "She has been drugged! Mo Zhao, you have promised never to hurt her! Aren't you worried to go against your own words?"

Mo Zhao gently fixed his robe in a leisurely manner. "I have only erased her memory, as her past is not all that well and it will only bring her pain. Better yet, she seems like an all-new person right now. She loves and cares only for me. I did not hurt her. On the contrary, she is now in excellent shape like never before. Every day, she is happy. Isn't it the best for her?"

There was nothing good. Gu Xijiu was more like a robot without her own thoughts. Was that good for her?

"Di Fuyi, have you realized any difference in me?" Smilingly, Mo Zhao was fishing for his approval.

Nonchalantly, Di Fuyi closed his eyes. "Your mortal flesh is merely a vile skin-bag, what is there for you to be happy about?"

Mo Zhao did not know what to say.

Moments later, Gu Xijiu returned with a tea set in her hands. She even brought a small, red clay pot with her. She sat down and started making tea. She looked down and focused entirely on her every step, as though her life's purpose was revolved around making tea.

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