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Chapter 1124: Counter Attack
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Xijiu was astounded!

The lute player was playing with her hairpin at the corner when Mo Zhao proposed. However, she accidentally dropped it on the cabin floor when she heard what Mo Zhao had said.

Mo Zhao's gaze immediately shifted to her, and he asked coldly, "What's wrong with you?"

His strong aura had caused the temperature in the cabin to decrease immediately, and the lute player was scared. However, she still spoke her mind, "Master, you… want to marry my… my old master?"

Mo Zhao was stunned, and then recalled that Gu Xijiu was still disguised as an old man. It was probably the reason why the lute player was shocked.

He laughed and touched Gu Xijiu's face. "Yes, I like her, and so I want to marry her…"

Gu Xijiu's heart skipped a beat, and she quickly signaled Di Fuyi with her eyes asking him to calm down as she knew that he would probably get mad after hearing what Mo Zhao had just said!

Di Fuyi clenched his fist underneath his sleeve as though he was about to explode anytime soon! He began to think about how to attack Mo Zhao in the cabin.

Fortunately, Mo Zhao was someone who was obsessed with cleanliness as well. Though he wanted to take advantage of Gu Xijiu, he was disgusted by her wrinkled face. He sat back and looked at the lute player. "Hey, you're a musician, right? Come, play a song for me."

Di Fuyi was easy to talk too as long as Mo Zhao stopped teasing Gu Xijiu. Thus, he got hold of the lute and began to play. The sound of the lute was like the sound of the breeze blowing during the spring.

Mo Zhao smiled as he listened to the music and his light red lips were shaped like the crescent moon.

Gu Xijiu was touched as she knew Di Fuyi had been sacrificing everything for her to the extent of even disguising himself as a female lute player and was forced to play music for a devil!

Mo Zhao! Just you wait! You had better enjoy while you still can. We would make you pay when we reach your headquarters! We would make you suffer to the extent that you would cry for help from your ancestors!

In fact, Gu Xijiu had many more questions in her head, but she did not have a chance to ask. For example, who was the one who was disguised as Di Fuyi? Was he injured? Was there anyone else coming for them?

Her fingers began to tap as though she was following the rhythm of the lute. However, she was, in fact, communicating with Di Fuyi using Morse Code. Di Fuyi saw it, but he did not respond until he had finished playing.

As Di Fuyi was putting down the lute and was about to go over to ma.s.sage Gu Xijiu so that he could pa.s.s secret messages to her, Mo Zhao said, "Not bad! Not bad! You're very good at playing the lute! Come on, play another song! I'll play along with my flute."

He then took out a green flute made from bamboo and wrapped it in between his fingertips. Of course, Di Fuyi could not disobey him at this moment. He started to play another song, and Mo Zhao began to play along with his flute.

They had to admit that Mo Zhao was quite talented in music as well as the sound that was coming from the flute he played sounded like a calm night breeze blowing through the forest.

The sound of the lute played by Di Fuyi felt like the sun during a sunny day and the breeze blowing during the spring, and his music was able to cheer up everyone's mood. Gu Xijiu even felt that the music that was coming from the lute was able to improve human blood circulation as she felt that her acupoint and muscles were not as sore as before.

However, when Mo Zhao began to play his flute, it felt like a breeze blowing during autumn, and she started to feel that her blood circulation was being slowed down while her muscles felt sore.

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