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Long Siye was pale and did not speak. Perhaps deep down in his heart, he knew that he had thought of it before.

Mo Zhao sighed before he replied, "Although Wu Yan had conspired against you, both of you have had an intimate relationship and can already be considered as husband and wife. She likes you…"

Long Siye interrupted him, "Her feelings for me makes me sick! If you purposely came here to say this, you may leave now!"

Mo Zhao stood with his arms folded. The bond between him and Wu Yan was through a venomous spell. All they had to do to contact each other was to read a chant. However, this technique would consume a lot of Wu Yan's spiritual power. If there were no urgent matters, she would not contact Mo Zhao in this manner. Even during the times when she did reach him, she would finish her report in a few words and would not exceed one minute.

When they were in contact, they could hear the background noise of each other's surroundings. Therefore, Wu Yan was able to listen to the conversation between Mo Zhao and Long Siye.

"Wu Yan, you have now heard his voice. What do you think?" There was gloat in Mo Zhao's voice.

She was quiet for a while. "It was as expected! There is nothing I can say. I hope that you will keep your promise of not killing him."

Mo Zhao spoke coldly, "Wu Yan, why are you so stubborn?! Rest a.s.sured, I will keep my promise. So what is the information you have?"

"Ying Yannuo is Di Fuyi." Wu Yan said this without any change of tone in her voice.

Mo Zhao was stunned. "What? Can you repeat yourself?"

"Ying Yannuo is Di Fuyi. I saw it with my own eyes and heard it with my ears when he spoke to his subordinates. He had become smaller in size because he almost lost control while practicing. However, he wanted to keep his promise to Gu Xijiu, so he pretended to be Ying Yannuo and stayed by her side. He would have never revealed the truth if I had not urged her to go and find Di Fuyi. He even restored his original appearance to prove it to me."

Mo Zhao was speechless.

He spent half a minute digesting this news. He wanted to cry in his heart. The guy he had always wanted to kill had been in front of him all this while. He did not recognize him and even ignored him. If he had acted earlier, Di Fuyi would have already been killed!

He had missed many excellent opportunities to kill Di Fuyi! He could not accept what he had just heard.

Mo Zhao took a deep breath. He reflected for some time and felt that he did not want to suffer alone. He looked at Long Siye. "Long Siye, do you hate Di Fuyi?"

Long Siye did not react to him. He closed his eyes and did not answer.

Did he hate him? Of course, he did. The woman he loved would not have left him if not for Di Fuyi. He would probably be living happily with Gu Xijiu right now…

Long Siye opened his eyes. "Even if I hate him, I will not cooperate with you! We are not the same!"

Mo Zhao smiled. "If there is an opportunity for you to kill him, will you take it?

Long Siye asked, "What are you trying to say?"

Mo Zhao sighed. "You once had an opportunity to kill him. Unfortunately, you senselessly decided to let him go."

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