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Ye Hongfeng must have dug the tunnel as a backup plan for a situation like today. She must have planned for it more than half a year ago!

Based on Ye Hongfeng's intelligence, she would not have thought of such an elaborate plan. Besides that, she would not have risked her life to save Long Siye. The only explanation was that either Long Fan or the Omen were controlling Ye Hongfeng's body.

It would be impossible for a normal soul to possess someone else's body. Though Ye Hongfeng's cloned body did not have a master soul, it was made using the genes and cells from the real Ye Hongfeng. Thus, its magnetic field was similar to its master's, and only a soul who possessed similar traits like its master's could possess its body.

However, Ye Hongfeng was able to control the cloned body and possess Gu Xijiu's body at the same time as her soul was somewhat unique; perhaps, Long Fan had modified it before.

Di Fuyi was deep in thought as he pondered about all the possible explanations he could fathom. Based on his findings, he felt that investigating Ye Hongfeng would be the fastest way to find more clues.

Yet, he knew that he could not trigger their alarms. Otherwise, Gu Xijiu might end up being in danger. He clenched his fists as he looked at the stars in the sky. The star representing Gu Xijiu was dim and unsteady. It looked like it would disappear anytime soon.

Mu Lei felt guilty and thought about committing suicide as his way of apologizing. He knelt in front of Di Fuyi. "My Lord, I've made such a careless mistake! Please punish me!"

Di Fuyi looked at him. "I'll leave your nice head on your shoulder for now. Quickly gather all our secret agents and find Long Siye! Search through every nook and cranny and don't leave even a single corner unchecked!"

Mu Lei was shocked. All the secret agents?! It had never happened before! The Lord must be furious this time! The undercover agents were part of the most influential and mysterious information center in the continent. No one knew how many geniuses and experts worked in the center and no one knew who their leader was. People only knew that it would be an unfavorable situation to be in their bad books and they were scattered all over the continent. They would find their target as long as they were a.s.signed to hunt them. It did not matter who their targets were. 

An outsider would not know much about the secret agents, but Mu Lei did. All of the undercover agents were The Lord's spies, and it was deemed as a dangerous situation if eight to ten of them were a.s.signed on a single mission.

In this instance, The Lord wanted everyone to join the investigation! Everyone! It meant that there was a total of 23,823 secret agents joining the team. They would most certainly be able to find Long Siye as long as he was still on the continent!

Mu Lei immediately departed to make the necessary arrangements. No one noticed that there was a secret operation in such a peaceful continent as countless of secret agents with different ident.i.ties were hiding everywhere in every town. They had all received the same news on the same day to find Long Siye. They were ordered to immediately report to the headquarters as soon as they had any information. Many of them immediately began their search as soon as they had received the order.

In less than an hour, someone had reported a piece of news informing that Long Siye had gone to the volcanic region. He had arrived in the valley between the volcanoes with a girl. Needless to say, Di Fuyi rushed to the volcanic area at once!

Fenghuo Mountain was an active volcano, and there was always smoke coming out from its peak. The volcano would erupt every eight to ten days. Hence, there was not a single patch of gra.s.s anywhere on the mountain, and no one would come to this place. There was no sign of any life form living in this area.

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