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She quickly asked in a soft voice as though she had finally found a savior. "Yannuo, this is… too painful for me! Do you have any painkillers?"

The current Yannuo was, in fact, Mu Dian, who had camouflaged himself as Di Fuyi. He had been urgently summoned by Di Fuyi and was forced to turn himself into 'Yannuo' again to fool 'Gu Xijiu'...

Though Di Fuyi had left in a hurry, he had somewhat informed Mu Feng about his plan. Therefore, Mu Feng pa.s.sed the message to Mu Dian along with a few reminders.

He was distraught as he looked at the fake Gu Xijiu, but remained calm and managed to act like how Yannuo usually behaved. Thus, he spoke gently, "Though you are in pain, it's necessary for your body. Do bear with it, alright?"

Ye Hongfeng was speechless.

The unicorn was the fastest mode of transportation in its era as it could fly a few hundred kilometers in less than 15 minutes.

Even though the formation barrier surrounding Tianwen Mountain was powerful, it did not affect Di Fuyi who was an expert in martial arts formation. The way he entered Tianwen Mountain looked so simple like he was walking in and out of his garden.

Soon enough, he had arrived outside Long Siye's alchemy lab. Mu Lei reported to him that Long Siye had not come out since he had returned with Ye Hongfeng. Thus, they were probably still inside the lab.

Di Fuyi nodded. Firstly, he checked the barrier outside the lab and managed to find its weak point.

Mu Lei then circled the lab a few times with his master when suddenly, he discovered that the lab was just in front of them when he raised his head.

Apparently, the main door was one of the mechanisms. There was a metal steering made from black iron on the door, and a series of numbers were arranged from one to 100 in the shape of eight trigrams. The numbers were all in different colors.

Mu Lei could not believe that Long Siye would create such a fancy object and it was the first time he was witnessing a mechanism as sophisticated as this one.

He glanced at his master again. Di Fuyi had regained his original appearance, and he was wearing a purple robe, and a silver mask on his face which was shining in the dark.

Although his physique and his Kung Fu had not fully recovered, he could camouflage himself at any time. Thus, it was not a problem for him to change his appearance anymore. The only downside is that it would consume quite a lot of his spiritual power. Therefore, he would not use it unless it was necessary.

Mu Lei had served alongside Di Fuyi for many years, and so he had learned quite a lot about unlocking doors. Even though he had never seen this kind of mechanism before, he would most likely only need an hour at most to open it.

Surprisingly, Di Fuyi who usually acted rationally waved him aside so that Mu Lei could make way for him. He then launched a white ray directly onto the main door!

Mu Lei was speechless. The Lord began to attack irrationally!

His white ray was capable of penetrating almost anything, and a hole was formed on the main door in just a blink of an eye. Di Fuyi then proceeded to enter the lab.

Mu Lei quickly followed. He was stunned as soon as he had entered the lab.

The lab was quite big, and there was an alchemy furnace at the center of the lab. Many odd shaped racks were sitting on one side of the lab. Many different shapes of containers and Petri dishes as well as several transparent tubes and bottles were displayed on the racks. There were some bottles filled with different colored solutions while some contained strange objects.

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