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It was okay if they tricked him as he would have accepted any challenge as a form of entertainment. However, they had crossed the line when they got Gu Xijiu into trouble! He would let them know what the price for challenging him was, but he would put his revenge aside and look for Gu Xijiu's soul first.

Ye Hongfeng was currently possessing Gu Xijiu's body, which meant that she was also now being supervised by the Omen. Therefore, she must have a unique way to contact the Omen to report her progress after the possession plan had succeeded.

Di Fuyi did not want to alert them before he had found Gu Xijiu's soul. Therefore, he acted as usual even though he had realized that the soul in Gu Xijiu's body was, in fact, Ye Hongfeng. He pretended not to know so that he could figure out his next step.

Since 'Gu Xijiu' had woken up from a high fever, Di Fuyi's emotions were like a roller coaster. However, he acted calmly so that 'Gu Xijiu' could not sense that anything was wrong.

He walked out of the cave and reminded Mu Feng to keep an eye on 'Gu Xijiu' while he summoned his unicorn and flew into the air.

Mu Feng had contacted Mu Dian earlier through his jade tablet. Hence, he should be back soon. Once he arrived, Mu Dian would camouflage into Di Fuyi again to play along with 'Gu Xijiu', and so, Di Fuyi was not worried about her.

Inside the cave, 'Gu Xijiu' reluctantly raised her hand to cast a spell after Di Fuyi had left. She closed her eyes and contacted someone with her spiritual power. "Master, everything is under control."

"Was the kid suspicious in any way?" Someone spoke with a falsetto tone and a strange cadence.

"No, he has regained his normal body size. He promised that he would bring me to see Di Fuyi once I am feeling better."

"Excellent!" The man smiled. "Ye Hongfeng, continue to follow him."


Though she could contact the man with her willpower, it consumed a lot of her spiritual power and energy. Therefore, she immediately disconnected from him right after she had finished reporting.

She was exhausted and cursed silently. Ever since she had possessed Gu Xijiu's body, she felt that her body had become so heavy as though her limbs were being tied to heavy objects.

The worse thing was the fact that since Di Fuyi had treated her with his spell, her wounds were getting more and more painful...

Perhaps, it was because of the medicine Di Fuyi had offered her before he left.

It was as painful as the process of delivering a baby as it was affecting her internally and the pain was gradually getting worse by the minute. She almost rolled onto the floor due to the sheer pain. However, Di Fuyi had sealed some of her acupoints before he left so that she could rest properly without hurting her wounds. Therefore, only her arms, her neck, and her brain were not immobilized. Meanwhile, the rest of her body was as stiff as a corpse.

She could not bear the pain as it was endlessly causing her to suffer to the extent that she almost collapsed!

Earlier on, she had been worried that she had not stabbed Gu Xijiu in the heart deep enough. However, she was now regretting her actions as she had to experience the pain by herself!

The pain caused her to scream, and it lasted for very long. Finally, the sound of footsteps could be heard after she had suffered for almost two hours now. She quickly stopped screaming, took a peek to find out who it was and discovered that Yannuo had returned.

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