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Ye Hongfeng seemed to have done a lot of things when she stabbed Gu Xijiu. She did not intend to kill Gu Xijiu or make her suffer, but wanted to steal her soul instead!

Apparently, there was someone else living in Gu Xijiu's body now, and it was most probably Ye Hongfeng! She must have used a venom which was not from the current era. The poison could change Gu Xijiu's physique so that other souls could control her body. The spell or poison must have forced Gu Xijiu's soul out of her body as well as it somehow got swapped!

If Ye Hongfeng's soul was in there, then where was Gu Xijiu's soul? Di Fuyi was very worried and quickly cast a spell to call her soul. However, he received nothing in return.

Based on Long Siye's personality, he probably kept Gu Xijiu with him instead of destroying her soul. Therefore, Gu Xijiu's soul was perhaps inside the cloned body!

Logically speaking, Gu Xijiu could no longer possess another body. The only way this was possible is if Long Siye had worked with Long Fan. They both knew a lot about the modern world, and Long Fan was also Gu Xijiu's creator. Perhaps, Long Fan had found a way to change Gu Xijiu's physique so that she could resurrect from the clone body again.

All of the information showed signs of a link between Long Siye, Long Fan and also the Omen. The relationship between them must have something to do with Ye Hongfeng being resurrected from the cloned body inside the ice coffin!

Perhaps, Long Fan and the Omen was the reason Ye Hongfeng was resurrected. They a.s.signed Ye Hongfeng to influence Long Siye and slowly change his mind. Then, they poisoned him with drugs and magnified his evil spirits so that they could control him.

Long Siye was already bothered by the 'betrayal' he suffered from Gu Xijiu. He would easily lose control once it was magnified. Coupled with Ye Hongfeng's continuous persuasions, Long Siye finally fell into their trap and followed their instructions to trick Gu Xijiu.

Di Fuyi was extremely smart as he could link everything together in such a short time. He took a deep breath to digest everything. He liked Gu Xijiu who came from the modern era, but he hated the Long family very much! Especially since they knew so many things about modern technology! It was a disaster to pair them with the Omen who was so greedy... 

Di Fuyi narrowed his eyes with an icy cold gaze!

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