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Although Gu Xijiu had fallen asleep, Di Fuyi knew her wounds were still painful as he looked at her face. He could not use any aesthetics if he wanted the wounds to recover fully. He could only seal a few of her acupoints so that the nerves around the wounds become less sensitive to reduce pain. However, it was just a slight relief as the pain would still be there for at least one more day.

Di Fuyi could not believe that Long Siye was so ruthless! He really wanted to kill her! Just the thought of it made Di Fuyi clench his fists. He would not let it go without seeking justice for her!

All of a sudden, the jade tablet in his waist glowed. He raised his hand to connect it, and Mu Lei appeared. "My Lord, Long Siye returned to the hotel with Ye Hongfeng and then headed to Tianwen Mountain without leaving any messages. Upon returning to Tianwen Mountain, they went straight into the alchemy lab. There was a wizardry barrier set around the lab. Hence, I could only linger around as I couldn't find any way to break in without triggering their alarms."

Di Fuyi sighed softly. He was aware of Long Siye's alchemy lab as well as the wizardry barrier around the lab. However, the wizardry barrier was nothing to Di Fuyi as he could break it silently without anyone knowing. He could even go in and out freely if he really wanted to do so. It was a shame he could not do it himself.

He asked Mu Lei to show him the exterior of the lab and noticed that the wizardry barrier had changed. Besides that, there were many other new things which he never saw before. He narrowed his eyes again to focus.

There used to be two places where Long Siye prioritized. One was the hall where he kept the ice coffin, and the other one was the alchemy lab. Since the person in the ice coffin has been resurrected, that place was no longer relevant now. However, the security mechanism around the alchemy lab was so sophisticated this time. Was he hiding anything else inside the lab?

Based on Mu Lei's capabilities, the mechanism was not a big deal to him if he was to break it, but that would trigger the alarms of the entire Tianwen Mountain. Thus, he hesitated to make any rash moves. Di Fuyi instructed Mu Lei to stay outside and keep an eye on the lab instead.

After switching off the jade tablet, Di Fuyi was pondering about his next plan. He decided to postpone the investigation until he was recovered and by that time, he must find out everything about Long Siye!

A moment later, one of his subordinates reported about the interrogation of the four a.s.sa.s.sins. Apparently, they were a.s.signed by the senior management, and the person who paid for the mission was a lady with a veil who was very likely to have been Ye Hongfeng.

Di Fuyi's fingers were gently tapping against a crystal as he continued to ponder on the likely conclusion. Long Siye must have been planning for this for a long time. He must have been the one who asked Ye Hongfeng to hire the a.s.sa.s.sins.

Perhaps Long Siye was jealous out of his mind and wanted to kill him. Thus, he distracted Gu Xijiu so that the a.s.sa.s.sins could finish the job. Apparently, he still liked Gu Xijiu. Hence, he thought to get Ye Hongfeng to kill her instead of doing so himself.

Perhaps Long Siye still wanted to resurrect Gu Xijiu in the clone body. He might even extract Ye Hongfeng's soul with his spells in order to complete his mission.

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