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"It's al… alright, I trust you!" Gu Xijiu interrupted him.

Di Fuyi's gaze sparkled as he smiled. He then involuntarily kissed her lips gently. "That's great then."

Fortunately, she trusted him. Otherwise, he might not be able to save her even if he managed to enter her dream.

Gu Xijiu paused for a second and slowly spoke, "I'm fine even… even if you intentionally did it." She had decided to spend the rest of her life with him even though both of them have not been officially married. Moreover, not many people were informed about their engagement. However, she knew she was really in love with him to the extent that she could risk everything for him. Hence, Gu Xijiu would willingly give him her body if he wanted to have s.e.x with her. Of course, although she decided he would be her one and only, she had no real experience in relationships. It was no surprise that her voice was incredibly soft when she said that as she was feeling shy.

Di Fuyi was notably stunned. He was touched and then kissed her lips again. "My sweetheart, this is the biggest acknowledgment to me!"

Although the scene was amazingly beautiful, Gu Xijiu was still badly injured from before when she almost died. Perhaps, her wounds might tear open again if she were to make any sudden moves. Thus, Di Fuyi did not dare to think about it now.

Given that the ambiance was truly lovely and warm, and that his beloved was in his arms, he did not dare to allow himself to be reckless. However, that position was considered as a great challenge to him as he realized it was difficult for him to control his desires. Thus, for safety purpose, it was better for him to do something else. He flipped off the bed and quickly put on his clothes.

At this moment, Gu Xijiu realized she was lying in a cave, and surprisingly, it was made of crystals. There were countless of crystal pillars at the surroundings, and a luminous pearl was attached on top of one of the crystal pillars. The glow of the pearl was reflected by the crystal, and it made the entire cave look like a crystal palace.

Gu Xijiu was lying on a flat crystal rock as though it was a bed. Under her body was a very thick and clean blanket made from wool. Also, she was covered with a big and soft quilt.

Gu Xijiu's gaze finally returned to Di Fuyi after wandering around the cave. Di Fuyi was till carrying Ying Yannuo's appearance, but he seemed to have grown up a little. He was only around 160 centimeters when he just came to Tianju Hall, but he looked like he was taller than 170 centimeters now. He was wearing a shiny white robe, and there was an embroidery at the end of the robe.

It seemed like he was recovering! Sigh, if she would have known it earlier, she would not have brought him to Long Siye. Gosh! Her fingers clenched tightly as she thought of that man! There was hatred in her eyes and a fireball in her heart!

She firmly believed she had never done anything evil to Long Siye. She only felt sorry that she was not able to respond to his love. However, he tricked her into hooking up with Ye Hongfeng! She would have died if Di Fuyi did not manage to save her in time!

Did hatred develop from love? Did he want her to die because she failed to return his love? Gu Xijiu could never accept such an insane logic! Hence, she decided not to think about it anymore. She moved her body again to relieve her of her negative thoughts. Even this slight movement was enough to trigger pain in her wounds.

Di Fuyi held one of her arms as he was sitting beside her. "Be patient, you shouldn't move too much."

Her back, chest, and cardiac muscles were injured. Although he had given her the best medicine he had, she still needed a few days of good rest to recover.

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