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"Don't get involved anymore!" The white-cloak man said with an icy tone, "Long Siye would only destroy your soul if you offended him, but I'll make you wished you were dead if you ruin my plan!"

Ye Hongfeng immediately answered, "Yes!"

The white-cloak man stood there for a while before he asked, "Since you've been with her for a few days, have you familiarized yourself with her temper?"


The white-cloak man nodded. "Great!" He immediately disappeared as soon as he turned around.

Ye Hongfeng was still sweating, and her wrist was extremely painful to the extent that she slumped on the ground and lied down for a long time. She gasped as she closed her eyes and realized that the Great Lord's aura was not as strong as before. Something seemed to have changed. However, she did not dare to make any speculations as she would be punished or tortured even if she was only guessing.

A moment later, she was shocked when she opened her eyes!

She had no idea when Long Siye had got up and stood in front of her. There were no more red capillaries on his eyeb.a.l.l.s, and it had turned back to normal like before. At that moment, he gazed at Ye Hongfeng with an expressionless look as though he was thinking about something.

Ye Hongfeng had been tortured by him just now. Hence, she subconsciously shrugged her body as she was scared of him. It seemed as though Long Siye was looking at someone else when he looked at her. A moment later, he stretched his hand out to her. "Come on!"

Ye Hongfeng was anxious as Overlord Long's aura was powerful and she had no idea what would happen if he got hypnotized again. She slowly stretched her hand out to test him but Long Siye did not take it. "Give me your other hand, I'll fix your dislocated bone."

Ye Hongfeng remained silent.

Long Siye tried his best to fix her dislocated bone and also fed her the best medicine he had with him. He was indeed a legend as the medicine was very effective. In less than an hour, her bone was starting to recover. However, it was not a pleasant feeling when one's bones were healing as the individual would experience excruciating pain and extreme itchiness...

She smiled reluctantly. "I didn't know… didn't know the medicine would be that effective…" That was the first time she discovered that a broken bone could heal so quickly.

"This is because your body is unique," Long Siye casually said.

Ye Hongfeng decided to remain silent. Long Siye had made her body, so of course, he knew it better. After all, she was no ordinary human. Perhaps, many of her body's structures were different from an ordinary human's. Ye Hongfeng's recovery was rapid, and no scar would be left on her skin. She could not help but stare at him lovingly as he began to clean the rest of the wounds on her body.

There were not many wounds on her body, and most of them were just scratches which would heal very soon after applying some cream. Of course, those wounds would be quite itchy as well...

Despite his gentleness now, Ye Hongfeng was mad. Why did he still like that woman even though he was partially unconscious? What was so good about her? Why would he rather be tortured by that woman than fall in love with another woman who had the same appearance as her!? Ye Hongfeng was not that bad after all. Did he know that she would do anything for him if he could treat her nicely and love her sincerely? She would even go against the Great Lord for him with no regrets!

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