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Gu Xijiu had been with him for quite some time. Hence, she knew that no one should disturb him whenever there was a purple glow surrounding his body. Besides that, he needed at least another six hours, and no one should move him or even touch him during his training.

She informed Long Siye about it, and she considered him as a nice person as he immediately called two of his disciples who already possessed a spiritual power of level seven to be Di Fuyi's guardians. Both of them would guard the door so that no one could disturb Di Fuyi.

Gu Xijiu could finally depart peacefully knowing that two guardians were protecting Di Fuyi.

Long Siye was right. If someone attacked the person inside the room, Gu Xijiu would have no chance of fighting with them if even Long Siye's disciples could not deal with them.

Three of them finally departed after the necessary arrangements were settled. Indeed, it needed the three of them as the beast was too powerful. It was wishful thinking for Gu Xijiu to kill the beast alone. She needed help from Long Siye, and Long Siye brought Ye Hongfeng along to protect her reputation.

Fortunately, the Silver Fairy Mountain was nearby. It was only about 300 to 400 kilometers away. Three of them rode on Long Siye's crane which could make a return trip in about an hour. Perhaps, they only needed three hours in total after taking into account the time to battle the beast.

It was a smooth journey, and they soon arrived at the Silver Fairy Stream.

Long Siye did not speak much along the journey and acted just like when Gu Xijiu first met him. He was elegant and cold.

Of course, Gu Xijiu did not want to tempt him as well. Hence, she did not speak as well. Ye Hongfeng looked at them as she pursed her lips. She wanted to talk to Long Siye, but he pretended that he did not know about it. Therefore, Ye Hongfeng did not dare to speak as well.

It was the first time Gu Xijiu had experienced such a boring journey, and she had never experienced such an intense and serious ambiance being with Long Siye. She quietly sighed to herself as she knew that everything would never be the same again.

Who was it who said that friendships would last even though their love for each other was gone? It was rare for a couple to be friends after they had broken up.

She felt that she should not see Long Siye too often anymore to avoid such an awkward situation.

The name 'Silver Fairy Stream' was cool, and the scenery was fantastic as well. Nine waterfalls were extending from the top of the cliff, and they rushed down vertically into a deep pool as though they were an aqua curtain. Meanwhile, there was a forest surrounding the pool.

The Silver Fairy Beast could only be found here and not anywhere else.

Ye Hongfeng's power was the weakest among the three of them. She would probably die first if she were close enough to the beast when it appeared. Therefore, Long Siye a.s.signed her to stay on the tree somewhere further away while Gu Xijiu stayed on the tree nearer to the stream. Meanwhile, Long Siye would move closer to the stream to lure it.

The stream was very big, and the surface was as big as half the size of the West Lake! Coupled with the nine waterfalls, the sound of water gushing could easily be heard from afar. However, it was kind of strange as there was so much water gushing down from the top of the mountain but the pool could never be filled. The pool felt like a bottomless pit.

Based on the information provided by the Firmament Stone, the stream was connected with several underground rivers. The Silver Fairy Beast would hide in the underground rivers and usually did not come up to the surface of Silver Fairy Stream. The only way to lure them was to use a special creature- the two-legged Ox, as bait. Furthermore, the bait must be a living one!

Luckily, Long Siye was well prepared and managed to capture two oxes which were kept in Gu Xijiu's great storage bag. When they arrived close to the stream, Gu Xijiu released one of the oxes from her storage bag.

It was a type of buffalo, and they would usually go towards the direction of the water. However, it probably sensed the danger in the water since it refused to move towards the stream.

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