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Di Fuyi continued lying under her and sighed, "You are overthinking things. The Omen had just detached from his body, which is obviously not the best way to escape. He would have been injured even if his soul was seen to have taken on a solid form. He's an Omen, and so his evil energy would leak out once he is detached from his human host. The four messengers are very good at tracking Omens, and perhaps, he is having trouble even finding a way to escape from them right now. How would he be free to come after you and me?"

Gu Xijiu was stunned, "If that is the case, why are we running away tomorrow?"

Di Fuyi sighed, "It would not be considered as running away. It's just that the palace would be the best place for me to recover and I don't feel comfortable leaving you alone."

He realized that it was getting more difficult for him to let go of her especially under such crucial circ.u.mstances. He only felt at ease when she was around him, or if she were placed in something similar to a safe box.

Alright! It seems like both of them took care of each other as though they were eggsh.e.l.ls now as they were afraid each other would break them easily... Gu Xijiu spontaneously burst into laughter. She got up and rubbed her brows. She never imagined that she would care so deeply about someone!

She treasured Little Di Fuyi so much to the extent that she was afraid of dropping him if he was being carried in her arms or felt like he would melt away if she kept him in her mouth... Every mother in the world probably felt the same thing, right? She thought that she would be a cold person forever, and could not believe that she would have ever acted this way.

Both of them continued to chatter for a little longer. After that, Gu Xijiu returned to her room to pack some of her belongings. One of the hotel staff came to report to her while she was busy packing, "Miss Gu, Miss Ye from the Tianwen Clan is looking for you."

Gu Xijiu was surprised. Miss Ye? Ye Hongfeng? Why is she here? Is she coming to report about Long Siye's absence today? Had Long Siye sent her here?

She walked out with heavy footsteps. Indeed, Ye Hongfeng was standing outside. She took a breath as she saw Gu Xijiu came out, "Miss Gu, I have something to say to you. Shall we take a walk outside?"

Gu Xijiu rejected her request, "You can either talk inside my room or talk right here." She did not want to leave the hotel.

Ye Hongfeng's looked down and pursed her lips, "I want to talk about Overlord Long… Can we at least take a walk in the garden downstairs?"

It was a premium hotel, and so, there was a small garden inside the hotel which was located not far away from Gu Xijiu's room.

Gu Xijiu agreed and went down with her.

It was early spring, and so the willow was green, and everything looked energetic.

The garden was not very big. There were a few curvy stony pathways with bamboo bushes growing on both sides. Occasionally, they could see some flowers in the garden. Besides that, there were also two pavilions in the garden.

Ye Hongfeng remained silent even though Gu Xijiu had patiently walked on the stone pathways with her for three rounds. Finally, Gu Xijiu impatiently asked, "What do you want to talk to me about? Please just say it!"

Ye Hongfeng was finally prepared to talk, "My master was drunk last night, and I brought him to a hotel nearby. And then we…"

Gu Xijiu paused and then looked at her, "And then both of you slept together?"

Apparently, Ye Hongfeng did not know the modern term, so she paused and then continued, "We… We had s.e.x last night and then fell asleep.

Gu Xijiu remained silent for a short while and then plucked a willow and played with it before continuing, "And then?"

"And then… And then my master left… After thinking about it, I have decided to visit you."

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