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All the onlookers were filled with both apprehension and satisfaction at the same time and felt that it was worthwhile to stick around and watch what was happening.

It was indeed an inescapable trap. It seemed like it was impossible for Rong Che to escape from this situation even with his excellent capabilities.

All of them had faith in the trap. They locked their attention on Rong Che, and some of them had even gathered up the courage to question him, "Who are you exactly?"

Some of the voices resonated, "There is no need to question him now. We shall interrogate him further after we have seized him."

Rong Che let out a deep sigh. Smilingly, he said, "Great! I never expected The Lord to send so many people here! However, I am afraid that you will not be able to catch me!" He then dropped to the ground.

Di Fuyi's expression changed, "Oh, no!"

A circle of light beam surrounded Rong Che's body followed by the sound of a dull explosive sound. Countless drops of blood splashed everywhere like a violent storm.

The sizzling sound sounded like raindrops. .h.i.tting on the window gla.s.s as the blood sprinkled onto the surface of the wizard barrier.

The solid and invincible green wizard barrier that could not be penetrated even with the sharpest knife was slowly eroding and forming many breaches of tiny holes. It then shattered onto the ground with a loud thud.

A flicker of a five-colored glow carrying the faint silhouette of a person within its radiance disappeared swiftly from the breach. They tried to catch up with him only to realize that the person who radiated the five-colored glow was already gone.

The person moved like a shadow, and his movements were swift. He disappeared in the twinkling of an eye, so no one saw how the person actually looked.

"The Omen can destroy his body to escape!" Di Fuyi fixed his eyes attentively on the situation in the hall. There was no sign of Rong Che anywhere. The only part left to identify him were the many bits of flesh and blood which were the size of a rice grain.

Apparently, the person had abandoned Rong Che's body. He used a special technique to turn the body into his weapon and broke through the wizard barrier by blowing it up. His soul could then escape.

The souls of an ordinary human were transient and unstable to hold a complete formation. Once a person's spiritual power was at least level nine, their souls would be able to separate from the constraint of their physical bodies. However, their spirits would only be in the form of a faint shadow without a solid figurine.

However, the person's soul had already formed a solid figurine, which meant that he could have possibly achieved a spiritual power of level ten and above.

The person who had just escaped was the real man behind all the plots. The relationship between him and Long Fan should not be in the form of a collaborative partnership, but rather more like subordinate supervision. Long Fan could be one of his servants.

A riot of five colored gleams, his ability to break off from the body, white-haired…

All the evidence seemed to be pointing at one common conclusion. The person was the Omen. No one would have expected that the Omen existed.

It was no wonder that he could break through the wizardry barrier that the four messengers had set up; no wonder he could attach his soul to Rong Che's body and stay unnoticed over such a prolonged period. The Omen was real.

Di Fuyi squinted his eyes at the thought. This person could potentially be his opponent.

His Kung Fu, intelligence and even spiritual power were almost on a par with him. Although the person was moving at a breakneck speed, Gu Xijiu could vaguely catch the appearance of the person as she had been carefully observing the jade tablet.

He appeared to be tall and thin and possessed a face so handsome that it was beyond comprehension. He had white hair and wore a green robe. His facial features were very seductive and captivating. Although Gu Xijiu only caught a glimpse of him, he had left a profound impression on her.

Gu Xijiu frowned, "Who is that? If he manages to escape, he will certainly return to take revenge on every one of us."

Di Fuyi sighed a little, "He is the Omen. Don't worry, even if he manages to escape by destroying his body, his vitality would have undoubtedly have suffered drawbacks from using such a technique. I do not think he will be able to recover so soon, so there is nothing he can do for now.

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