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"Your Majesty, their origins are unclear. I am afraid that they could be a cult. You have to arrest them and conduct a strict interrogation!"

n.o.body reacted to him.

The officials were filled with righteous indignation as they started to excoriate him. Some of the generals were beginning to take the matter seriously and were ready to seize him.

Rong Che looked down. He seemed composed and calm given the circ.u.mstances he was facing. He ignored the rising clamor from the people and fixated his gaze on the four messengers instead. Smilingly, he said, "It seems like what people say about The Lord refusing to get involved in the politics of the present-day kingdoms is untrue."

Calmly, Messenger Jiangshan responded, "The Lord will not get himself involved in political matters. If this were only about the intrigue between the princes for the succession of the throne, The Lord would have stayed away from the matter. However, this time he will not let you go! You have poisoned the Emperor by forcing him to ingest a kind of evil poison. As a result, his temperaments had been completely altered, and this resulted in him starting a war. You have even colluded with an evil cult. In the name of war, you have sent the innocent lives of numerous soldiers to the cult leader for his experimentation purposes in the making of zombies, which led to a ma.s.sive disaster. What you have done is not just about the succession of the throne, so The Lord decided to get involved and started an investigation!"

The officials never expected Rong Che to have secretly committed so many heinous acts behind their backs, and were all caught in utter surprise. Some of the generals had already commanded the guards to come into the hall, and they were ready to seize him at any time.

Rong Che was still well composed. He let out a deep sigh, "I did not realize that you have found out so much about me. This turn of events is out of my expectation." He had confessed to his crimes.

His confession triggered the people to react in rage. The Emperor ordered his guards to seize him.

The imperial soldiers quickly marched towards him. Rong Che said with a smile, "Do you think that you are capable of seizing me?" He leaped up like a b.u.t.terfly flying in a sea of flowers and quickly punched a hole in the roof and tried to escape.

Unexpectedly, while he was escaping through the hole of the roof, he fell abruptly. A blue hue of light could be seen coming from the top of the hall and shined brightly onto him. It was in the shape of a huge bell and was moving at such an incredible speed that it seemed like it was about to entrap him. Suddenly, he folded his body in half and swiftly dodged it like a piece of paper. This time, he leaped towards Rong Jialuo.

He was moving at a remarkable speed. His Kung Fu was different from the one that he was used to showing off in front of people. It was so tricky that it became difficult to guard against him.

Just when he was about to catch Rong Jialuo, a streak of green light suddenly appeared. He touched the green light by accident and was immediately rebounded backward.

He used the force of his rebound to head towards the direction of the people. He was going to hold one of the important imperial officials as his hostage. However, he b.u.mped into another streak of green light that appeared in front of him so suddenly and was immediately rebounded backward again.

Rong Che balanced himself and took a look around at the four messengers who were now standing at the four corners. He frowned and squinted at them, "You are well prepared!"

The green light was none other than a wizardry barrier that was created by the messengers. The reason why they did not move around just now was that they had already prepared the wizardry barrier in advance. Apparently, the barrier had been there all along, but would only be activated under the command of the messengers.

"An inescapable and thorough plan is required to capture a cunning fox alive," said Messenger Jiangshan calmly.

Rong Che stared at the bluebell. He then turned his eyes to the top of the hall, "Is Qian Yueran positioned above us?" The Qiankun Bell was Overlord Qian Yueran's unique possession.

A loud laughter could be heard coming from above, "Prince Rong Che is certainly someone knowledgeable. It is me! Little Rong Che, you will not be able to escape today. Not only am I here, but Overlord Hua is here as well. You are troubling all of us to work together just to capture you, how astonishing! I advise you to surrender, and we shall spare your life!"

Rong Che's eyes flickered, and he raised his head and joined in the laughter, " I am honored that The Lord has sent so many people just for me. However, all your attempts will only be in vain!"

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