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Hei Hu was dumbfounded at the sight of his master. He recovered from his surprise as heard what Rong Che had said. He hesitated a little, "Master, the Eighth Prince and I have been trying to locate you."

Rong Jialuo refused to pay attention to Rong Che any further and proceeded to bow before the Emperor. Tears were coursing down from both of the Emperor's aging eyes. He then instructed Rong Jialuo to come forward. He had finally recovered one of his sons that he thought he had lost. He hastened to acknowledge the presence of his son repeatedly with utter joy, "I am glad that you are back! I am glad that you are back! I knew that G.o.d would always bless a good man and that The Lord would keep you out of harm's way. How did you survive the fall?"

"I was fortunate enough to be rescued by the four messengers. Father, I will explain further to you later."

Rong Chu's followers had finally absorbed the situation and started questioning the cause of Rong Chu's death again. They kept requesting for an explanation from Rong Jialuo, and it soon transpired into a clamorous bustle that was unusually chaotic.

Rong Jialuo kept quiet as he waited for Rong Chu's followers to conclude their discussions. He then raised his hand as he said, "I will give everyone an explanation, and I promise not to disappoint you all. If you believe in me, please stand at either one of the four corners of the hall and spare me some s.p.a.ce. I have something to settle with my eighth brother."

Were the brothers going to fight?

The officials stood staring at one another. Some decided that they should walk away while some of them wanted to try and mediate between the quarreling brothers. The brothers' Kung Fu were both unique. If they were going to fight, the impact would be so intense that it was possible for them to demolish the entire structure of the hall during the fight.

Before they could speak further, Messenger Jiangshan halted them, "Everyone, please continue to stand in the center if you wish to die."

All the officials were speechless. Swiftly, all of them dispersed and retreated to the four corners and stood as far away as possible.

Rong Che's eyes flickered. He smiled wryly, "Brother, what a huge misunderstanding you have about me. If you think that I did not protect you well enough, I am willing to accept the guilt and receive your punishment."

Rong Jialuo interrupted him immediately, "Rong Che, I think you did not expect me to record the things that you told me in the carriage with a recording amulet, right?"

An amulet of faint purple color emerged from within his palm. The amulet flickered a little with the help of his spiritual power. Their conversation could be heard coming from the amulet.

Rong Che was speechless.

The recording was crystal clear. Everyone in the hall could hear the conversation between them. The recording had revealed many great secrets. All the officials were dumbfounded at what they had just heard.

Rong Che could no longer refrain himself from being astonished.

Rong Che had been closely taking care of Rong Jialuo when he was ill. Since then he had removed all kinds of things that looked similar to a recording amulet, so he did not expect that Rong Jialuo still kept one with him. By the looks of the amulet, it seemed to be pretty modernized and developed ahead of their time. Such an advanced recording amulet would only come from The Lord. Apparently, the recording amulet must have been placed on Rong Jialuo by one of The Lord's followers.

"Rong Che, The Lord was quite suspicious of your motives, so he decided to send some people to monitor you closely. It was a thorough plan that you were able to come up with to murder the Crown Prince. However, what you did not know was that we had been secretly tailing you and was, therefore, able to save the Crown Prince in time," said Messenger Jiangshan.

With the evidence of the recording amulet and the testimony of the four messengers, the truth about the matter had finally come to light.

Rong Che's evil plan had been entirely exposed, and so was his true ident.i.ty. He had been carefully plotting so many detailed plans throughout the years, only to be defeated when he was closest to his success.

This turn of events would easily drive anyone crazy.

"Who are you?"

"Who are you exactly?"

"How could he be the real Eighth Prince? Some unknown spirit must have controlled you! Oh, this is too scary!"

"He is the one behind the a.s.sa.s.sination of Rong Chu and yet he fabricated the charges against the Crown Prince! His acts are detestable!"

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