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He had announced in front of all the officials. His words were recorded by the eunuch and were arranged into an imperial edict.

Rong Che furrowed his brows at the sight of the scenario. The imperial edict was a little different from what he had in mind. The control of the spell had to be carried out quietly without batting an eyelid. The one who was being controlled still had access to their thoughts, and occasionally, there would be times when the spell would lose control over them. However, he was not bothered by the glitch.

Fortunately, the imperial edict was still beneficial to him. The Emperor had also stamped the edict with his imperial jade in front of all the officials, which meant that the imperial edict was now official. He could finally heave a sigh of relief.

All the ministers congratulated him one after another.

Rong Che seemed like a modest man, but in reality, he could no longer hold back his amus.e.m.e.nt any longer. His modesty was a cover for his overweening conceit.

He felt that it was time to kill the Emperor since he had already achieved his goal. Hence, he started to initiate the spell at the tips of his fingers under his sleeves.

If the spell worked as planned, the Emperor would die within minutes after vomiting blood for the last time. After his death, the venomous spell would soon vanish from the blood in his body. Even the greatest imperial doctor would not be able to identify the real cause of his death. They would think that it was the aging process that had caused the Emperor's death.

His movements were swift, so the people around him could not see what he was doing. However, nothing escaped Di Fuyi's eyes. He smiled softly and contacted Mu Feng with another jade tablet, "Time to make our move!"

Some of the officials in the hall were congratulating Rong Che. Meanwhile, the others were busy discussing the matter of re-electing a new crown prince.

Though Rong Che did not express himself verbally, he was, in fact, sneering at them in his heart. He could have skipped the re-election procedure as the Emperor would be dead in a matter of minutes. If it comes to that, they would only have to discuss the issues regarding his enthronement and the Emperor's funeral.

He was deeply absorbed in his amus.e.m.e.nt when suddenly, a commotion could be heard from outside of the hall.

Rong Che frowned. He sent someone to go and check on the situation. A voice could be heard, "The Crown Prince has arrived! The Lord's four messengers have arrived!"

Rong Che's expression changed immediately. All the imperial officials fell into utter shock. The Emperor almost lost his balance and fell off the bed.

After that, Rong Jialuo entered the hall accompanied by the Lord's four messengers.

Rong Jialuo had obviously been treated with proper care. Although he was a little pale, he still had the strength to move properly and looked decent.

The messengers were wearing their masks as usual. They were wearing tailor-made magic robes which were the usual attire they wore in front of people.

The presence of the five people had completely surprised everyone who was present in the hall at that moment. Intuitively, Rong Che took a step back. He was smart enough to understand the situation he was facing when he saw Rong Jialuo arriving with the company of the four messengers.

No wonder he was unable to locate Rong Jialuo. The followers of The Lord must have interrupted with his affair.

The four messengers were n.o.blemen with superior status. Regardless of where they went, everyone, except for the Emperor, would have to bow before them.

Therefore, all the imperial officials quickly fell to their knees to greet the four of them, including Rong Che.

Rong Che was someone who possessed an outstanding character. Under such a circ.u.mstance, he was still willing to give it a shot, even though he knew that things were about to go terribly wrong for him.

He appeared to be delighted, "Brother, you have not encountered any misfortunes! It is so great to see you again!" He acted like he was full of joy and took a step forward to welcome Rong Jialuo with a big hug.

However, before he could extend his arms, Rong Jialuo shouted out at him, "My eighth brother, quit acting!"

Rong Che continued to act muddled, "Brother, why are you acting this way? After you fell off the carriage, Hei Hu and I embarked on a search to find you in the woods, and we searched the area for an entire day. You can ask your guard, Hei Hu, to prove it if you do not believe in me."

Hei Hu was dumbfounded at the sight of his master. He recovered from his surprise as he heard what Rong Che had said.

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