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The Emperor was seriously ill. It was an unbearable pain for a senior to mourn the death of his son. He was heartbroken and enraged. He did not sleep the entire night as not only did he have to comfort the party who supported Rong Chu, but he also had to oversee the investigation regarding the matter. The entire palace was in a great turmoil.

The whole scenario was as what Rong Che had predicted. He was relieved. He had emplaced quite a lot of secret guardians within the palace, who regularly reported back to him with news regarding the situation in the palace. None of the news involved Rong Jialuo.

The news set his mind at ease, albeit just a little. However, there was still uneasiness in his heart as he was worried that Rong Jialuo was still alive and would later make his way back to the palace. Therefore, he had to improve his dispositions, so that he could inherit the throne as soon as possible.

Certainly, he had sent his troops to block all the routes to enter the city, taking into consideration of all kinds of flying vehicles in the sky. Before he took over the throne, all vehicles had been thoroughly inspected so that there would be no exceptions. His troops immediately carried out the necessary arrangements.

The matter regarding Rong Jialuo's involvement in the accident must not be delayed any further. Although Rong Che was travel-worn and weary as a result of his hurried journey, he had to see the Emperor immediately along with Hei Hu.

The Emperor had gone through a sleepless night too and immediately requested for the presence of Rong Che as soon as he knew about his return. All meetings had to be carried out in the Emperor's bedroom as he was severely ill and was unable to leave his bed.

The Emperor seemed to have aged several decades in just a single night. Half of his hair had turned white. His complexion was wax yellow, and his gla.s.sy eyes looked dull. He had lost his high spirits and his brilliant characteristic of a hero that he was known for. Obviously, Rong Chu's death had been a harrowing experience for him.

Rong Che quietly observed him. From his observations, he could tell that the Emperor was like a candle flickering in the wind - old and ailing. The Emperor could hardly make it through the month, so he decided to push his limits harder.

He decided to give the Emperor another heavy blow. He knelt down beside the Emperor and told him what had happened when he was on his way back. He said that they had encountered a venomous eagle and Rong Jialuo's whereabouts were unknown since he had fallen from the sky. No one knew whether he was already dead or still alive. Before he could finish his sentence, the Emperor was already spitting out blood.

The Emperor refused to believe the news. However, with the certainty in Rong Che's words and the fact that Hei Hu's deep cry was filled with sorrow, he could no longer refuse to believe it.

The Emperor had to endure the news regarding the death of two of his sons within one night. He could barely take it anymore and pa.s.sed out after vomiting blood a few times.

Rong Che quickly stepped forward to support him. He immediately sent Hei Hu to call for the imperial doctor, while he repeatedly called out for the Emperor, "Father! Father!"

From a distance away, Di Fuyi was looking at the exact scenario on the display of his jade tablet. The display of the jade tablet was so vividly clear that it was clear enough to see the Emperor's fine brows in high definition.

Gu Xijiu stared at the scene for a while before she then said, "Looks like the Emperor will not make it through the next few days."

Di Fuyi was observing him too, "Hmm, he should have a span of no more than ten more days to live based on his complexion. However, I am afraid that Rong Che will not allow him to live that long."

"Are you saying that Rong Che is going to kill him? Why?"

"Rong Che is someone who acts cautiously to prevent any mishaps from happening. Rong Jialuo's disappearance casts an unfading shadow in his mind, so he has to act immediately as Rong Jialuo's return will subject to various uncertainties. He will make his move as soon as the Emperor sets up a testament to pa.s.s down the throne. The kingdom cannot survive for even a day without an Emperor. He will most likely be enthroned once the Emperor pa.s.ses away. Once he becomes the Emperor, he will then have the power and control over other people's lives. Even Rong Jialuo's safe return will not make a difference."

Gu Xijiu fixed her gaze on Di Fuyi's smiling face, " I a.s.sume you have made some arrangements to stop him since you already know what is going to happen, haven't you?"

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