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She spoke after pondering for a moment, "Rong Che had sealed the majority of Rong Jialuo's abilities, right? With his capability, he should have also cast a soundproof wizardry barrier… Besides, if he had poisoned Rong Jialuo, does that mean that he has secretly been dealing with Long Fan?"

Di Fuyi was pleased, "You're quite smart. I suppose he is. There must be a relationship between Rong Che and Long Fan. If Rong Che wanted to seize the throne, he might have cooperated with Long Fan."

Gu Xijiu thought for a long while, "Since when did he start to cooperate with Long Fan?"

Di Fuyi knocked his fist on the desk, "It should have started a long time ago. Do you still remember the incident when you had just entered Tianju Hall?"

"Yes." Gu Xijiu answered subconsciously. Suddenly she recalled something, "Do you mean the person behind that incident was him?"

"He was most likely the one who created the mess." Di Fuyi answered.

"Why?" Gu Xijiu was confused, "Why did he do it? There is no hatred between us. We are even friends, so why did he want to harm me?"

Di Fuyi thought for a moment, "He did not need to hate you so that he could harm. Perhaps he did not want you to stay in Tianju Hall, so he wanted to get you kicked out from there. He had planted so many spies in Tianju Hall, and your goal was to catch one spy… How many spies have you caught so far since you were in Tianju Hall?"

Gu Xijiu remained silent. She felt depressed for a moment, "I feel that he did not want to kill me… But what the culprit did was to force me to my death! If you hadn't saved me that time, I guess I would have turned into a skeleton by now…"

Di Fuyi stared at her, "Stupid! After all, you are the disciple of The Lord. Do you think Gu Canmo dared to kill you before he got my permission? If I am not mistaken, and if the blame on you was verified to be true, Gu Canmo would have imprisoned you for a while before he kicked you out of Tianju Hall for good. Rong Che was there during that time and would then bring you back and enroll you in a school in the Feixing Kingdom. Since he had saved you when you were in difficulty, you would be grateful to him, and perhaps you might marry him to return his favor!"

Gu Xijiu rolled her eyes at him, "Do you think I am the kind of person who will marry someone just to return their favor?"

Di Fuyi was satisfied with her answer, "Of course not. The reason why you wanted to marry me is that you have fallen in love with me…"

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

This man was good at talking. However what he said was true. Regardless how good someone treated her, she could do anything to return the favor, but she would never offer herself for marriage as a token of appreciation.

She could sense that Rong Che liked her. However, she thought that it was a bit exaggerated to conclude that the reason why Rong Che had schemed her was just that he liked her… Even if he liked her, it was not up to the standard where he would do something crazy thing for her.

Gu Xijiu spoke doubtfully.

Di Fuyi was silent for a moment, and then he seemed to have thought of something, "Perhaps the reason why he had schemed on you was that you are the disciple of The Lord."

Gu Xijiu looked at him, "Carry on."

Di Fuyi said, "We know that the person behind this incident has great ambition. What he wants is not only a kingdom but to take over my position… Therefore he is always finding a way to get close to me. However, the people around me are extremely dependable, and so he has no way to get close to me. Since you are the disciple of The Lord, you have access to connect to The Lord. Therefore, they are planning to use you as the intermediary…"

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