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Rong Che looked at him for a while and shook his head, "Brother, you are a kind person, and have been so nice to me. Unfortunately…"

"Unfortunately?" Rong Jialuo frowned as he felt something was wrong.

Rong Che smiled, "Brother, do you still remember who was the one who had tricked you and turned you into a zombie?"

Rong Jialuo's heart sank as he looked at Rong Che's grin, "Who!?"

Rong Che spun the paper fan on his palm and pointed at himself, "Me!"

Rong Jialuo was extremely shocked, "What!?"

He almost jumped up, but he could not move at all as though all his bones had gone missing. He immediately raised his head, "What have you done to me?"

Rong Che was still sitting opposite him and said gently, "I didn't do much, but there's a drug in the cabin which immobilizes you and prevents you from using your Kung Fu."

Rong Jialuo looked very pale and quickly shouted, "Hei Hu!" Hei Hu was monitoring the carriage outside the cabin. His Kung Fu was powerful and almost comparable to Rong Che's even though he was not as good as Rong Jialuo.

Rong Jialuo shouted quite loudly, but there was no movement from outside the cabin. Rong Jialuo shook his head, "Brother, I've set a small wizardry barrier inside the cabin. Your voice wouldn't be heard from outside the cabin."

Rong Jialuo was sweating, and he looked at Rong Che unbelievably, "Why!? Why did you trick me? I've never done anything bad to you…"

Rong Che's gazed on the floor, "Yes, you didn't, but I feel sorry for you."

Rong Jialuo paused and continued, "Just because of the throne and the t.i.tle of Crown Prince? Do you want to be the emperor? There's still Rong Chu even if you kill me. You wouldn't be able to seize the throne…"

Rong Che pursed his lips and continued, "As a matter of fact, I don't care about the throne, but I think it's better to seize it first. Perhaps, I'll be able to receive the news that Rong Chu is killed tomorrow…"

He then looked at Rong Jialuo, "And the a.s.sa.s.sin responsible for it had executed his mission under your name!"

Rong Jialuo's limbs were frozen. Although he was kind, he was not an idiot. He completely understood what Rong Che was trying to do as there were only three people from the royal family who could inherit the throne.

Rong Chu, himself and Rong Che, who had achieved quite a lot victories in battle in the recent years... Rong Che had contributed the most in this battle, and he had helped to achieve their victory. Besides that, he was the one who had reported Rong Che as the main contributor, and Emperor Xuan had even a.s.signed someone to reward him. Therefore, Rong Che had the advantage from both a political and military point of view. If Rong Jialuo and Rong Chu were dead, Rong Che would automatically become the heir to the throne. Perhaps, both followers of the Crown Prince and Rong Chu would not disagree... Rong Che was the primary winner in this battle. He only realized now that the brother he trusted the most had become the champion!

"You're so smart, brother!" Rong Jialuo said. He was still injured and had yet to recover, so he could not even use 1/10 of his power. Coupled with the fact that he had been poisoned, it was hopeless even to think that he would survive. He had trusted the wrong person!

Rong Jialuo closed his eyes, "Come on!"

Nothing happened for a while. Rong Jialuo slowly opened his eyes as he found that it was strange. He realized that Rong Che was looking at him as he smiled.

"Why haven't you killed me yet? You just wanted me to rest in peace by telling me the truth, right?"

Rong Che sighed, "You've been so nice to me, how could I kill you myself?"

Rong Jialuo clenched his fists, "Are you trying to make me kill myself?"

"Would you?"

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