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Di Fuyi was speechless after listening to the story. He hesitated and said, "You wouldn't be so ruthless, would you?"

Gu Xijiu slowly said, "It's difficult to tell. You better not die in front of me. Otherwise, I will make you crawl out from your grave and pinch my neck…"

Di Fuyi was speechless.

Gu Xijiu suddenly looked at him, "Anyway, why would you discuss such a sad topic?"

Di Fuyi was speechless again. "Hey, aren't you the one who told me all the stories?"

Gu Xijiu blew her nose, "You're the one who made me…"

She felt their topics have been straying away and they quickly focused on the important thing, "Alright, let's stop talking about it. Tell me about your physical condition, is there no way to recover?"


"I thought you're still fooling me even after I knew your ident.i.ty. Hence, I didn't mention about your illness to Long Siye anymore. I think it's better to get him to take a look tomorrow."

Di Fuyi narrowed his eyes, "We can't let him know my ident.i.ty."

"Are you afraid he would get revenge on you? In fact, you're over worried. Long Siye is not that kind of person. He is always fair and professional. He wouldn't involve his personal feelings when it comes to medical knowledge…"

"I know, I know him too. But Xijiu, I feel something is wrong with him." Di Fuyi shared his thoughts.

He knew Long Siye's personalities as he had known Long Siye for a hundred years. However, he felt Long Siye had slightly changed since the last time when he met him. Of course, that was just based on his sixth sense, and he could not tell what was exactly wrong with him at this moment.

Gu Xijiu was stunned, "But I didn't feel it… In fact, people change from time to time, and it's impossible for us to be the same person forever. It's fine as long as the main personalities remain the same."

Di Fuyi decided not to speak anymore.

In fact, he had been living way longer than her and was more knowledgeable than her, and so he knew more than she did.

Both of them were very careful people, and the things that they were discussing were all highly confidential. Hence, they needed to whisper to one another or send a directed audio even though they were both under the blanket so that other people could not hear their conversation even if they had intended to eavesdrop on what they were saying.

Gu Xijiu could not believe that they were only having small talk under the blanket even though they had been apart for more than a year.

Both of their head and body were so close to each other, and they could even smell each other's breath. That was the first time they realized that a blanket could be so warm. It was as though the warmth had diffused into their heart.

They just realized that they could be so happy just to have a small talk with their beloved. Of course, many more issues were lying ahead of them. For example, Ying Yannuo's shrunken body, and the mad scientist (a.k.a. Long Fan) who was hiding in the dark...

However, tonight she just wanted to lean on him and talk to him. Perhaps, it would be greater if she could hug him and kiss him as well as take advantage of him.

Though he was still a little boy, it was as though she had finally found someone to support her just like a lost boat that had finally found a harbor. Unknowingly, she fell asleep while she was still hugging him.

Di Fuyi was lying in her arms, and he bet she was hugging him as though he was her Barbie doll.

He had slept in several places before, but that was the first time he was sleeping in a girl's arms. Perhaps, his four messengers would be extremely shocked if they had witnessed the scene...

Even he felt that it was unbelievable, but he liked it very much. Suddenly, he realized that he had wasted so much time even though he has been living for a thousand years! He realized that he had finally started to become a real man since he met her!

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