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Gu Xijiu realized the shape of his lips was quite lovely as she looked at him. He looked seductive when he smiled with an adult look. Gu Xijiu felt like kissing him when he smiled this way even though he donned an appearance of an eight or nine-year-old boy! Therefore, she weighed him down under her body again.

Di Fuyi was stunned as he did not know she would be so st.u.r.dy. However, he did not resist but instead allowed her to do whatever she wanted. He just looked at her and asked, "What… What are you doing?"

"Kissing you!" Gu Xijiu answered without hesitation! She then lowered her head and started kissing him. She kissed his eyebrows, his lashes, his nose tip before he finally kissed his lips. She kissed him deeply on his soft lips and then whispered beside his ear, "It's not necessary to often mention how much I miss you. I tried to be calm during the daytime and to have fun and practice with my peers as I needed to work harder. I wanted to be stronger so that I can stand beside you. I don't want to be your shadow and only follow you everywhere. I thought husband and wife are supposed to go through ups and downs together? I work very hard in the daytime, but I missed you very much at night. I must look at the love bracelet several times a day as I'm worried it would break…"

She felt sad, "You promised that you'd visit me one year later, but you didn't. Every single time I went out, I tried calling for you, but there was no reply. How would I know that you're following me every day and had fooled me with another ident.i.ty… Don't you trust me? Are you worried that I'll cheat on you? Was that why you always tested me? Do you know you look like a jerk now? Do you think you're Xue Pinggui and I'm w.a.n.g Baochuan? That jerk left his home country for 18 years and married someone else. When he came back, he thought about his wife and wondered if she had waited for him all those 18 years. He was worried that his wife would cheat on him. Hence, he tested her with another ident.i.ty…"

Di Fuyi's body was slightly stiff when she took the initiative to kiss him. He was wondering why she was so aggressive today and even kissed him as though she was coaxing a kid after knowing he was Di Fuyi. However, after she had kissed his brows, nose tip, and lips, he could feel her pa.s.sion, he could feel that she loved him wholeheartedly...

He had never been so close to anyone else before he met Gu Xijiu, not to mention being held down this way by someone. Anyway, he felt good to be in that position; it was as great as being soaked in a honey pool. He could not ask for more and enjoyed the sweetness of their love very much especially after Gu Xijiu had confessed to him. He just wanted this moment to last for eternity! Of course, it would have been better if he could turn back to his original form!

He liked how she had confessed and felt slightly touched as well. However, he felt that she was overexaggerating after listening to the last few sentences she had said, "Xijiu, I trust you. I just felt that it was helpless. Besides that, I never heard you mention that you missed me even though I've been hanging around you for half a year. I thought you didn't miss me, that's why I tried hiding my ident.i.ty until now… How could you compare me Xue to Pinggui?"

"Uhmm, you have a point. You're better than him in the sense that you were only missing in action for a year and you didn't bring another girl along to visit me… So, you're not considered as big a jerk like him." Gu Xijiu agreed with him.

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