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"Hey boy, I don't need a baptism ceremony with your saliva."

She continued to treat him like a kid! Did she not notice the danger!?

At the moment, the distance between both of their faces was only about a finger's length away from each other. Ying Yannuo was looking straight into Gu Xijiu's eyes, and his nose was touching hers. They could even feel each other's breath.

Di Fuyi had initially wanted to scare her so that she could understand the difference between men and women. However, when she was so close to him, his heart raced rapidly!

He wanted to kiss her! He wanted to kiss her so badly! After being apart for more than a year, he almost went crazy as he thought about her lips! He had been controlling his desires over the last six months, which was the only reason why he had yet to kiss her pa.s.sionately... However, he had a chance now.

His gaze sank as his little hands suddenly grabbed her wrists and pressed them on the bed. In a split second, his lips had found hers!

He was as fast as the lightning and was rather accurate in predicting his timing. Gu Xijiu thought he did not have much spiritual power left. Hence, she was not alert, and her hands were immediately held down above her head. Meanwhile, her lips were sealed to his lips...

Gu Xijiu blinked her eyes. She could not believe a little boy could kiss her so easily. Hence, the first thing she wanted to do was to kick him away! However, Di Fuyi was such a mighty person, and had never lost a single battle! He was very experienced. Hence, he managed to lock Gu Xijiu's legs just as she was about to move.

Though he was just a little boy, it felt as though a mountain was pressing on her body. Gu Xijiu could not move at all. Meanwhile, he just kissed her pa.s.sionately!

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

Although she liked Di Fuyi very much to the extent that she wanted to marry him, Gu Xijiu could not enjoy the feeling like before because she was kissing a little boy. Though her heart was racing, she could not feel the pa.s.sion...

She was quite mad when she knew that he was pretending. Hence, she decided to play along with him and pretended that she did not know it was him. She wanted to be close to him so that he would be jealous of himself. She was happy to see his reaction earlier, so she decided to tease him further. Therefore, she allowed him to sleep in the same room with her.

Di Fuyi had always been a thick-skinned person, and he was good at teasing her. Since he still wanted to pretend after transforming into a little boy, Gu Xijiu should not let go of this opportunity. The more he felt annoyed, the happier she was... However, she did not expect that he would kiss her with his child appearance!

His lips were soft and watery as though he was a blooming flower filled with dew. Gu Xijiu felt that his lips were even softer and sweeter than hers as they were kissing.

In fact, he was powerful, and it was supposed to be the strength of a mature man. However, she felt like she was being struck by lightning when they were kissing as she felt that they were committing child obscenity...

She finally found a chance to escape while they were kissing pa.s.sionately. She moved her head sideways and avoided his lips, "Hey! Stop it! You should know when to stop. Otherwise, I'll kick your b.u.t.t!"

Di Fuyi was still burning, but he paused and stared at her doubtfully when he heard her.

He had already kissed her, and he thought that she would have kicked him out of the room! However, she just scolded and threatened him!

Had he applied too much force and caused her to threaten him because she was unable to move?

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