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Gu Xijiu finally got to see Rong Jialuo after two years. However, she almost could not recognize him! A young man who used to be so charming and handsome, now no longer had the same appearance. His face and lips were tan and dark, and his eye circles were deep. His clothes were all torn.

He was tied to the bed with a chain, and he could not move at all.

However, his eyes were wide open, and she saw that it was covered by countless capillaries when he turned around to take a look at them as they entered the house!

He continued struggling, and perhaps, he would have jumped down from the bed and bit them if he was not tied down with the chain.

Gu Xijiu clenched her fist as Rong Jialuo had completely turned into a zombie! She did not know whether he still had some conscience in him...

Di Fuyi also looked at Rong Jialuo, and he narrowed his eyes a little.

Long Siye immediately frowned!

Rong Che who was standing beside Long Siye sighed, "My brother has lost his conscience and now bites anyone he sees. He has killed a few of the guards and sealing his acupoint did not help at all. Thus, I can only tie him to the bed... and see if Overlord Long can cure him?"

Long Siye twitched his lips as he walked forward to check Rong Jialuo's pulse. Rong Jialuo was agitated and roared as he smelled the odor of living humans. His fingers could not stop scratching the bed as he was frustrated that he could not grab them.

Long Siye checked his eyes after checking his pulse. He then checked the pulse on his neck...

Hei Hu held his breath and watched.

A moment later, Long Siye got up. Rong Che quickly asked, "Overlord Long, is there any way to save my brother?"

Long Siye shook his head slightly, "He was affected by a very special venom, and I have no antidote for this venom at the moment. Besides that, his heart had stopped pumping, and he should have been dead by now. However, his reactions were mainly due to the venom which was controlling him."

Hei Hu felt like he was blacking out and almost fainted!

Long Siye was the last hope for the Crown Prince to recover. If he did not have a solution, the Crown Prince would die! He quickly kneeled in front of Long Siye, "Overlord Long, perhaps… Perhaps, there's another solution? Could you please check again? We can't let the Crown Prince die…" He continuously kowtowed to Long Siye.

Long Siye shook his head and sighed, "I have no way to save a dead man… You should start preparing for his funeral."

He knew the poison came from a very powerful zombie and the venom was currently being studied in the science lab using high technology equipment taken from the modern era.

According to what he knew, his 'father' was an expert in creating this kind of venom. He had almost succeeded, but the mad scientist suddenly went missing... Even until the moment he died, he still did not know whether Long Fan was still alive or dead.

He only discovered that the master of the venomous spells was Long Fan about a year ago when he b.u.mped into the purple-robed puppet who pretended to be Celestial Master Zuo! He had traveled to this era as well and had caused such big chaos!

Di Fuyi seemed to be right about the fact that Long Fan was still alive, and he was behind all this chaos! He was probably the main culprit...

Though Long Siye stayed in the mountains, his radar was long enough to detect the news. In fact, he was just not keen to get involved.

However, it seemed like it was difficult for him to escape now that he saw Rong Jialuo.

How was he going to treat his illness if he had never seen it before?

He could attempt to save him if Rong Jialuo was still breathing and his heart was still pumping. However, his body was dead, and the venom was attacking his brains. It was only a matter of time before the venom would completely control him.

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