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She wiped her hands and then turned around to pat his head gently, "Be a good boy and I'll peel it for you, alright?"She could sense that he was slightly stunned. Perhaps, no one had ever been so nice to him...

Gu Xijiu could not help but to secretly smile inside her heart, and she felt like laughing.

"Sure! I'll be a good boy." Di Fuyi rubbed his head against her shoulder. Unexpectedly, the chair was too high, and he was too short. Hence, the chair wobbled when he moved, and he fell straight into her arms with his head slumped against her b.o.o.bs...

Gu Xijiu was stunned, and her body turned stiff. She shoved him out of her arms, "You…"

Di Fuyi looked at her with an innocent expression, "The chair was wobbly…"

He could not help but to also accidentally hit the table until the soup and gravy spilled out from the plates and bowls. Apparently, the dishes were inedible again.

Rong Che was speechless and mad at the same time.

Long Siye looked quite upset too, and he finally stood up and casually said, "I think I better go and take a look at my patient first. I've no appet.i.te to eat anymore."

Inside the clinic, Rong Jialuo was tied to a bed with a very thick chain. The chain was customized with spiritual power, and the more he struggled, the tighter the chain became.

However, he struggled continuously, and the sound of the chain rubbing against each other made them feel uncomfortable.

Hei Hu was lingering around beside the bed. He was in a state of panic and was helpless as he had no solution to save his master who was very sick.

He could only comfort him, "Your Highness, please bear with the pain. The Eighth King has gone to find Overlord Long. He will definitely find a solution to your illness. Please be patient."

However, Rong Jialuo who was lying on the bed could not understand a word he said. Often, he produced a certain kind of weird sound, and he continuously stretched and withdrew his fingers.

Finally, he heard some noise from outside.

"Overlord Long, my brother is inside…" It was Rong Che, and he had brought Overlord Long with him!

Hei Hu opened the door and almost rushed out to welcome them. He had already knelt on the floor before he even saw Long Siye's face, "Overlord Long! Please, help us to save our Crown Prince!"

Long Siye waved him to stand up, "Let me take a look at him first. Xijiu, follow me."

Hei Hu then realized that there were three more people outside other than Rong Che and Long Siye. There were two beautiful ladies and a little boy.

Xijiu? Was she the Gu Xijiu he used to know? The Gu Xijiu who his Crown Prince had missed every day? The one who had helped the Crown Prince to recover from his illness?

Hei Hu could not help but look at both of the pretty girls. He was stunned! He remembered that Gu Xijiu was very skinny and she had a red birthmark on her face. However, both of the ladies in front of him were stunning, and they looked alike! Which one was Gu Xijiu?

Gu Xijiu tapped on his shoulder, "Hei Hu, you've lost some weight!" She then proceeded to enter the house.

Hei Hu was teary as he did not expect her to remember him!

However, he was shocked when he noticed the little boy she was holding earlier!

What the h*ck!? Her kid had grown up so much?!

However, he immediately slapped himself as the kid looked like he was already eight or nine years old but Gu Xijiu was only about 17 years old. How could she possibly have such an old son? He must have gone crazy...

Gu Xijiu had finally got to see Rong Jialuo after two years. However, she almost could not recognize him!

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