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Long Siye seemed to be in a hurry as he rushed into the restaurant. However, he immediately calmed himself when he saw everyone. He drank and ate slowly during the meal and also took care of Ye Hongfeng and only talked to Gu Xijiu and Rong Che once in a while.

It was considered a happy meal. However, Gu Xijiu felt a little depressed as she realized Long Siye had changed. Long Siye was an anti-social person in the past, and he hated gatherings such as this. He was a medical expert, and many people wanted to seek his help. However, he used to be direct and decisive. He would tell the person in the face if he did not want to treat them and never attended any invitation or accepted any gifts in return as he hated them very much. If he agreed to be their consultant, he would leave right after he had promised them and he never entertained anyone like this before... Had he really changed?

Gu Xijiu glimpsed at Ye Hongfeng again and realized that she had changed so much too! It was true that the environment could change anyone. In fact, he was not Long Xi anymore. She could never regain the feelings she had with Long Xi even though he had the memory of Long Xi.

Meanwhile, Ye Hongfeng was no longer the same Ye Hongfeng she knew as well. It was great in some way! She felt relieved as she saw that Long Siye was very caring towards Ye Hongfeng. Perhaps Ye Hongfeng was his true love? It would help to reduce her guilt if Long Siye could find true love again...

"Xijiu, I want to eat the crab." Ying Yannuo who was sitting beside her continued pulling her sleeve.

Gu Xijiu pulled out her sleeve from his little hand and sent a directed audio message to him, "Stop it. Though you look small now, you're in fact a teenager! Stop acting cute!"

Ying Yannuo lowered his chin and remained silent.

Gu Xijiu looked at his obedient face and surrendered. She then took a crab which was placed furthest away from her... However, there were only two crabs left on the plate. A pair of chopsticks rapidly took away both of the crabs.

Gu Xijiu raised her head and saw Long Siye placed both of the crabs on Ye Hongfeng's plate, "Here, I thought you like to eat crab."

Ye Hongfeng's eyes sparkled, "Thank you, master!"

Gu Xijiu's chopsticks were suspended in midair for awhile before it changed its direction. She placed a prawn on Ying Yannuo's plate, "Nah, eat this. It's rich in calcium."

Ying Yannuo twitched his mouth as he looked at the big sh.e.l.l, "The sh.e.l.l is too hard…"

Gu Xijiu took the prawn and peeled off its sh.e.l.l before placing the flesh back on his plate, "How about this?"

"Nice!" Ying Yannuo showed her a big smile before he proceeded to enjoy the prawn.

Gu Xijiu was captivated by his smile and suddenly realized that she had zero resistance towards cute objects. She knew that this person was mischievous, but his smile was powerful enough to make her sacrifice everything for him... Perhaps, this was her weakness? Perhaps, it was because he might be Di Fuyi?

She secretly glimpsed at the wrist guard on his wrist again and then proceeded to take a few more prawns for him. She told him to peel the prawn sh.e.l.ls by himself as it would make the prawns tastier.

Ying Yannuo doubted her words, but in the end, he still peeled the prawn sh.e.l.ls by himself.

Unfortunately, he accidentally injured his finger and caused it to bleed after peeling a few prawns as the sh.e.l.ls were very hard, and his fingers were very soft and smooth.

"Gosh, you're so careless." Gu Xijiu quickly grabbed his hands and tried to clean his wound. However, both of his hands were full of gravy. She quickly took a handkerchief and wiped his hands. At the same time, she accidentally stripped off his wrist guard!

Do not look down on this skill as it was a unique way to get rid of an object. No matter how tight a bracelet or bangle was worn, she could take it off with that trick!

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