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"What about the soldiers who took the pill? How are they doing?" Gu Xijiu asked.

Rong Che found himself in agony as he continued, "The troop consists of five thousand members, and they have been taking the pill for six months, which was long enough for it to become an addiction. If they stopped taking the pill for even two days, they would become easily agitated and would be triggered with the urge to kill people. Messenger Chenge have placed them all in a confinement area that is now guarded by the best fighters from the three major clans. I am here for two reasons: firstly, to seek a cure for my brother and secondly, I was hoping that Overlord Long would come back and find a way to treat those soldiers with his remedies. Those soldiers are the elites of our kingdom. Most of them are the sons of imperial officials, so their talents should not be wasted."

Gu Xijiu rubbed her forehead while she thought to herself. If her a.s.sumption was correct, the drug that the soldiers had been taking was something similar to meth but with a more complicated after-effect. It would be cla.s.sified as a forbidden biochemical even in the modern days.

It seemed like the mad scientist was indeed a lunatic. He would carry on with his frenzied activities wherever he went. He had caused such a great biochemical hazard in the current era.

The four messengers of The Lord were capable of finding out such complicated drug usage. If they had a.s.sisted in the matter earlier, the war would not have lasted for so long.

The principles upheld by The Lord might be the cause of their reluctance to partic.i.p.ate in wars between two kingdoms and that they should allow things to take their course naturally. Only the involvement of evil power in the war would capture their attention.

"Xijiu, you have contributed greatly to this matter." Ying Yannuo suddenly spoke up. He had been busy eating and drinking as though he was invisible.

"Hmm?" Gu Xijiu furrowed her brows in confusion.

"It was you who first realized that the Emperor was poisoned and determined the characteristics of the drug. You have given the four messengers a reason to continue their investigation and thus stopping the disaster," explained Ying Yannuo, methodically.

Gu Xijiu was surprised. She seemed to have grasped the idea a little, "Only you and I know about the poisoning of the Emperor, how could the four messengers find out about it? Are you one of them?"

Smilingly, Ying Yannuo helped her peel a piece of prawn and placed it in her bowl. He remained silent.

Gu Xijiu a.s.sumed that he had admitted it with his silence.

She finally understood why his behavior was sometimes a little unusual, for example, his unusually extensive knowledge and the application of his spiritual power of level six that was somehow equivalent to the strength of someone with a spiritual power of level eight.

The Lord had such a superior status and had been ruling the continent for so many years. Other than the four messengers, it was possible that he had eyes all over the place. It seemed like Ying Yannuo must be one of them.

A sudden realization hit her. Was he sent by The Lord to keep her safe?

However, how could he be so close to her if The Lord had indeed sent him? He even said that he wanted to marry her. Maybe, he was with the four messengers?

If he was here to protect her, he must have first obtained permission from The Lord. The four messengers would urge him to secrecy. At most, he would only be her private bodyguard and in no way, would he come so close to her.

Unless, he was sent by The Lord to test her, or maybe - He was The Lord himself! Or in other words, he was Di Fuyi!

Gu Xijiu was excited at the thought. She could not help looking at his wrist. He was still wearing the little wristband made of animal skin, and there was nothing odd.

No! He was wearing the exact same wristband as before he had turned younger. His wrist would have shrunk in size since he was now younger, but the wristband still fitted perfectly onto his wrist, and it was neither too loose nor too tight.

It was obvious that the wristband could change its size accordingly. How was it possible that such a magnificent wristband existed in the world? Could it be their love bracelet? Was he concealing it with his power?

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