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He was a little surprised too. Was G.o.d upset with his frequent changes in ident.i.ty and was thus a.s.signing him the most challenging role to play this time? Or was his punishment for going against the law of nature? Or was his time almost up? He took a moment to check on his body condition and could tell that his spiritual power was slowly recovering.

The blood vessels that were blocked due to the depletion of his spiritual power were finally recovering again, and his circulation was slowly becoming un.o.bstructed.

Ever since he became Ying Yannuo, his spiritual power had been recovering at a surprisingly slow pace. It had only improved by a little in the past six months; even he was a little depressed at the progress.

However, his spiritual power had been recovering better due to his transformation into a child.

His transformation into a younger form did not seem to be a terrible thing. He had the whip in his hand and started to meditate as he leaned back in his seat. The majestic beast that posed as the flying lion, also known as Bai Ze, was well aware of the topographical features and varied landforms of the earth. It was considered as a geographical expert. It could bring its master wherever he wanted to go without needing someone to guide it.

Gu Xijiu took a short break in the carriage. She was worried that he had to drive the carriage alone even though he was unwell, and so she exited the carriage to join him.

She saw Di Fuyi leaning against the carriage with the blanket wrapped around him. He had positioned himself in a meditation stance. His eyes were shut, and he was sitting rather still. His little face was rather pale earlier, but now the flushes on his cheeks were slowly appearing. He looked as though he was a delicate porcelain doll. He could hardly walk a few minutes ago, but it seemed like his strength was recovering rather quickly now that he was meditating.

She took another look at the flying lion in front of her and suddenly realized that it was different from the ordinary type of flying lion. The color of the flying lion's fur was exceptionally pure, and it covered the lion's body entirely in white without a single strand of bad hair.

Most of the flying lions appeared to have the aggressiveness of being the king of all beasts. However, this particular lion's features had a mingled sense of majesty and elegance. Its eyes were blue like a cloudless sky, paired with double eyelids and long eyelashes. Its snow-white wings flapped at a moderate speed, and it was neither too slow nor too fast. Its composure was as graceful as a king.

It flew so steadily that it was impossible to spill a gla.s.s full of water. More importantly, it did not feel shaky even when it was moving at a fast speed. Its body formed a faintly white V barrier which pushed the wind to either side of the carriage to prevent it from coming head-on with the carriage. The beast could be the king of flying lions.

Gu Xijiu had the impression that the flying lion was even better than her Wind Caller. Bai Ze had been paying attention to Gu Xijiu. It felt a little threatened under her intense gaze and thus wiggled its ears anxiously. Had it given itself away?

Gu Xijiu looked at the flying lion for a while. She then turned around and caught Di Fuyi looking at her.

Gu Xijiu gave him a blue fruit, "This is for you."

Di Fuyi kept his eyes on the fruit for a moment. He then looked down and said nothing.

"Yo, are you angry?" Gu Xijiu was a little amused by the cuteness of Ying Yannuo in his mini version, so she was not bothered by his temper. She shook the fruit in her hand, "This is a Lan Fei fruit, which could aid in the recovery of your spiritual power."

Di Fuyi sighed, as he could recognize the fruit. In fact, he was the one who gave it to her, and now she was giving it away so generously.

Was Di Fuyi someone important to her?

He started to have doubts about her feelings for him, and did not accept the fruit, "Xijiu, do you have someone in your mind already? Is that the reason why you are not accepting me?"

Why was he bringing up this topic again? Gu Xijiu was helpless.

"I heard that you are very close with Celestial Master Zuo. Are you fond of him? Will you marry him?"

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