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Moments later, the flying lion carriage arrived. Gu Xijiu carried him and went into the carriage. She sat him on the cushion and was about go outside to be the driver when Di Fuyi pulled her sleeve and said, "You don't need to drive the carriage. Let it drive automatically."

Gu Xijiu remained silent. She frowned and asked, "I thought you told me that the flying lion only recognizes the road it is familiar with and needs people to drive guide it when they were traveling in an unfamiliar area?"

Di Fuyi coughed, "It is true… But the temper of this lion is strange; I am afraid that you will not be able to drive it. Let me do it…"

Gu Xijiu looked at his little pale face, "You can't even sit properly, how are you going to drive?"

Di Fuyi sighed, "Carry me out and sit beside me, we will drive together."

Gu Xijiu was speechless. She directly went outside, "Let me try first."

She did not believe that she was unable to drive the flying lion. Even the Wind Caller had surrendered to her, not to mention that this was only a flying lion. Moreover, this lion was smarter than a normal lion. It should be easier to drive it…

The flying lion car sped away from the place and disappeared into the sky. The four messengers that hid in the shadow were stunned by their master's action! They knew that their master was always unpredictable and acted out of the ordinary. However, his reaction today was a surprise to them!

He had acted cute, pretended to be weak, and had even asked for a hug!

He played it very well. It seemed like turning into a smaller size had brought a lot of benefits to him after all…

Was he The Lord whom they highly respected? The four messengers looked at each other and finally, they all stared at Mu Dian.

This guy had pretended to be Ying Yannuo before. Did he also have such an intimate interaction with Miss Gu? When Miss Gu carried Ying Yannuo, she did not seem to have any hesitations doing so…

When they stared at Mu Dian this way, he knew what was on their minds. He quickly waved his hand, "Do not get me wrong. When I pretended to be Ying Yannuo, I always kept a distance from Miss Gu and never misbehaved!"

He did not even dare to hold her hand… Mu Feng patted him on the shoulder, "Brother, it is a good thing that you did not misbehave. Otherwise, you would be slagged..."

Mu Dian was speechless. He rubbed his forehead and was worried, "In fact, I'm afraid that The Lord will ask me to pretend to be him again. It would be a problem now that Miss Gu was used to carrying him. What if she comes and carries me next time?"

Mu Lei rolled eyes at him, "You are overthinking. Do you think The Lord will let you pose as him again now that he is already so close to Miss Gu?"

Mu Yun who looked quite awkward earlier suddenly felt relieved. He laughed and asked, "By the way, Mu Dian, when it was your turn to act as Ying Yannuo on behalf of The Lord, you had a different character from him, right? You told us that you did not dare to be close to Miss Gu. She never had any doubt about you before?"

Mu Dian sounded bored, "She thought that Ying Yannuo had dual personalities…" The other three messengers were speechless. They looked at the flying lion car that was being driven far away. Mu Feng suddenly said, "Oh yea, Bai Zhe won't suddenly reveal itself halfway, right?"

Mu Dian shook his head, "Rest a.s.sured, Bai Zhe is a level eight spiritual beast. It is quite happy to be given a chance to pretend that it was a flying lion recently. It is also very reliable and has never made any mistakes before. Otherwise, it would have been The Lord's favorite ride."

It was true, and so Mu Feng was at ease. Bai Zhe had a steady temper and was also very protective of its master. It is a first-cla.s.s spiritual beast under The Lord. With Bai Zhe by The Lord's side, even though The Lord's body was weak, he would not be in any danger.

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