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He glanced down. He was now on top of a cloud which was five kilometers above the ground. He could only see the explosion and nothing else. Would the girl look for him after the big explosion? She should, right? After all, she had treated Ying Yannuo as her partner.

After she saw the explosion, she would probably come back and look for him. If she could not see him, she would probably think that he had died in the explosion…

Di Fuyi sighed softly. He planned to ask Mu Dian to pose himself as Ying Yannuo again so that Gu Xijiu would not feel guilty and sad.

Mu Dian could probably entertain her for a few days first before he came up with an excuse to leave Tianju Hall for good. After some time, she would slowly start to forget about Ying Yannuo, and he would soon be forgotten for good. Before he could give the order, he heard Gu Xijiu calling for him.

His heart beat rapidly!

Gu Xijiu sounded anxious and panicky at the same time, and he could tell that her voice was trembling… The calling was as sharp as a needle and pierced right through his heart. He clenched his fists tightly. He rubbed his forehead and laughed at himself. He could get himself to hurt anyone, but not Gu Xijiu… His principles and pride were like clouds and were quickly dispersed when he was dealing with her. However, he was not happy with the fact that she was able to leave him so easily.

The four messengers were waiting for his order. However, before The Lord opened his mouth, he paused. His little face was somehow unpredictable to them…

Mu Dian and the others could also hear the calling of Gu Xijiu. Mu Dian was very good at understanding people. He asked, "My Lord, do you want me to impose as Ying Yannuo to comfort her first?"

Di Fuyi was silent for a moment, and then he sighed, "I will do it myself."

The four messengers were shocked. Mu Feng frowned, "My Lord, I am afraid that… It is not convenient for you to go and meet her…"

Di Fuyi hesitated for a while as he continued to listen to the calling of Gu Xijiu. Her voice sounded almost hoa.r.s.e…

Once Di Fuyi had decided on something, he would see it to the end. Finally, he made up his mind, "I am leaving now. Don't follow me!"

Mu Dian tried to ask, "My Lord, do you still want me to impose as the current you in the future?"

Di Fuyi was now only 130 cm. He was much smaller than before.

Di Fuyi shook his head, "It should not take me too long to be in this look. I don't need it."

When Mu Dian was about to leave, Di Fuyi patted on his shoulder and said, "However, I think you still need to practice the technique to shrink your bones as a contingency plan."

Mu Dian was speechless. It was such a tough challenge for him to shrink from 180 cm to 130cm!

Gu Xijiu had been searching for Ying Yannuo like crazy! She had circled the field of fire twice, but she still failed to find Ying Yannuo and was not getting any response from him. The temperature around the field of fire was very high, and Gu Xijiu's forehead was full of cold sweat… When she wandered around the field, she heard a soft groaning sound coming from behind the burning bushes beside her.

Though the sound was not loud, it was enough to catch Gu Xijiu's attention. She quickly turned around and rushed towards the bushes. Her hands were shaking, and she was shocked when she pulled the bushes aside.

A kid was lying in the bushes. He looked like he was about eight to nine years old and there was dirt on his face. However, it did not block his handsome face from being seen. The kid was looking at her with teary eyes. He sheepishly called her, "Xijiu…"

At first, Gu Xijiu was a bit disappointed when she saw him, however, when she heard his sound she was shocked!

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